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Is Tò-A-Rempò rising like the Phoenix?


East Asian Business Section, ASN Weekend Edition

Nils Grabe – Business Editor

Yesterday marked the first visit to Japan by an Asian potentate since the Great Oriental War. This is not surprising since most of the region has had no reason to deal with Japan, as most countries are occupied with daily survival and have no concerns outside their borders.

One great exception is the ‘young dragon’ of Nam Viet. Historically powerful, Nam Viet has long been an economic power in South-East Asia, and is now looking beyond its borders to strengthen trade.

Emperor Ho Chi Minh made a personal visit with Her Majesty the Emperor of Japan yesterday as one leader to another. No discussion of economic policy took place, but a special meeting of TAR is scheduled for tomorrow, in which Ho will negotiate membership of Nam Viet in the Federation.

Analysts suggest that this will greatly improve the fortunes of Nam Viet, giving it access to western markets, and opening the way for trade negotiations with the Scandinavian Union, who have heretofore turned a blind eye to the potential economic development in Nam Viet.

When asked the chances of acceptance of Nam Viet to TAR most analysts stated that they felt the deal was lukewarm at best. Japan may surprise us and make that step forward, as they have already done with Louisianne, a country seen by most of the world as foolhardy and rank with corruption in its government.