Ecology In Crisis?


As reported in La Voz
San Diego, Alta California; Monday, November 15, 2004.

Today 50 fishermen from towns along the Golfo de California came to the capital, requesting ecological testing be done in the waters of the Gulf. Fishing supplies have declined rapidly, as has irrigated crops that are irrigated from Rio de Colorado or Rio de Sangre.

“Something is in the water. It has to be. Why else would the agriculture be dying, and the fish too?” German Zuniga said to reporters. “And look at my hands! In this last year I’ve had many bumps appear on my hands.” Once the reporters have looked at his hands, Zuniga becomes emotional, and stifles tears, “Y mi madre…My mother; she has the cancer now. She was healthy three years ago. And now? She is dying! The government must help!”

No official recognition or news release from San Diego has been forthcoming.

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