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Ecology in Crisis (Conclusion)


San Diego, Alta California
Monday, November 22, 2004

La Voz

Skirmishes along Rio de Sangre between Tejan and Alta Californian farmers have erupted this weekend as both sides blame the other for the misterious poisoning.

Scientists in San Diego at the government’s health institute have found that water samples have a very high level of arsenic, much more than have been recorded before the present.

Armed forces of el Reino de Tejas and Alta California have been called out to enforce a peace between the angry peasants while the governments hold closed door meetings in a neutral location.

Alta Californian sentiment suspects an alliance between some faction of the Tejan Kingdom and the Deseret insurrectionists, as the watershed of the Rio de Sangre is largely supported by drainage from Deseretan controlled areas.

Tejans on the other hand suspect that it’s an Alta Californian plot in retribution for past wrongs.

War looms on the horizon, but may be averted by the quick discussions that both nations seem willing to embrace.

* * *

San Diego, Alta California; Wednesday, November 25, 2004

La Voz

Commotion raged in downtown San Diego as German Zuniga was gunned down by defenders at the Presidential Palace.

Zuniga carried a letter and brandished a fire-arm as he explained the terrible death of his mother from cancer that he believes stems from the polluted waters of the Rio de Sangre. When the palace guards would not allow him to pass, he brandished the firearm. Upon firing the first shot in the air, snipers killed Zuniga, fearing the safety of by-standers.

An official press-release stated regrets for Zuniga’s death, and promised an inquest into the behavior of the sniper.

In related news, talks are on-going between Tejas and Alta California, though it seems that talks may break down at any moment, as the Tejan delegation tries to obscure the matter.

* * *

Santa Fe, Tejas
Tiempo Del Reino
Wednesday, November 25, 2004

Proof of Alta Californian tampering with the watershed has come to light today, as water taken near the border of Louisianne and Alta California proved yet more heavily laden with Arsenic.

“This proves the cases of cancer and debilitating skin diseases and deaths of wildlife.” a government official stated.

Alta California denies that it has any participation in the matter, and recent troop movements suggest that the Alta Californios have something else in mind.

* * *

Monday, November 29, 2004

Today, amid flashes from reporter’s cameras, Padrig Maughan, Former Prefect of New Cornwall announced his resignation.

“I resign today to fulfill another, more important position for the Republic. At the request of the other members of the Council, I take over as leader of Louisianne’s Mining and Environmental Protection concerns.

“Our government expresses concerns for those Tejans and Alta Californians affected by the dis-reputable mining practices of companies that had been employed in the mining ventures in the Comte de Montagne (Recently Acquired Territory of New Cornwall).

“Already the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sending Service Missionaries, couples whose goal is only to represent Christian values in serving and helping these afflicted peoples.

“Louisianne will negotiate with Alta California and Tejas to give a settlement appropriate to aid those affected by our oversight. As interrim Prefect, I nominate Albert Didier, to be confirmed by the Chrisitian Conservative Legislators (LMC) convention.”

Albert Didier is a former party boss of the Parti Républicain Libre, PRL, but has been deeply entrenched in the Législateurs de Moralité Chrétienne. His nomination will most likely be confirmed in the next few days.

The Young Regime was deeply shaken with Maughan’s departure to the LMC, however, Maughan remains true to the administration, as can be seen by his nomination to chair such a deeply important Agency.


Ecology In Crisis?


As reported in La Voz
San Diego, Alta California; Monday, November 15, 2004.

Today 50 fishermen from towns along the Golfo de California came to the capital, requesting ecological testing be done in the waters of the Gulf. Fishing supplies have declined rapidly, as has irrigated crops that are irrigated from Rio de Colorado or Rio de Sangre.

“Something is in the water. It has to be. Why else would the agriculture be dying, and the fish too?” German Zuniga said to reporters. “And look at my hands! In this last year I’ve had many bumps appear on my hands.” Once the reporters have looked at his hands, Zuniga becomes emotional, and stifles tears, “Y mi madre…My mother; she has the cancer now. She was healthy three years ago. And now? She is dying! The government must help!”

No official recognition or news release from San Diego has been forthcoming.