Louisianne’s £20 million Transaction


L’Étoille de Lyons-sur-Mizouri, 9 Vendémiaire, CCXIII (October 1, 2004)

Japanese Sell Tanks to Louisianne

Paris-sur-Mizouri – First President Young has signed a deal with the Empire of Japan to purchase 40 Type 52 tanks from Miçubixi Industries for 10 million lò, which is equal to 48 million écus [FK £20 million].

The type 52, called that because it went into service in the year 2652 by Japanese chronology, an CC in the Republican calendar, is the most advanced tank in the Japanese army, and easily among the top tanks in the world.

This deal will greatly strengthen the Republic’s military, according to military spokesmen.

Some questioned the sensibility of Young’s decision. “Why do we need to pay almost 50 million écus on tanks? Who do we have to fear? We have no overseas empire to protect, most of our neighbors are friendly, Tejas has been neutralized, and Alta California’s got no reason to attack us, either. Now that Tejas is peaceful, it’s time to reduce our military budget, not increase it,” Benct Olaf Norbin, head of Loi Naturelle, one of the larger liberal parties of Louisianne. Mr. Norbin was defeated by a relatively narrow margin in the election for the First Presidency in CCVIII

Gaïtan Gaggini, the First President’s spokesman, said in response to Norbin’s suggestions, “Louisianne may not be at present under any particular threat, but we must not become lax in our defenses. We are, after all, a very narrow nation. If one of our neighbors chose to attack us, and we had allowed our military to grow weak, they could quickly overrun us. We have no great expanses of land to delay an invader, nor any great industrial capacity to quickly build up a military from zero. And don’t forget that the Deseret terrorists destroyed one of our early satellites before we could launch them and have caused other mayhem.”

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