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Furocano Clean-Up


1 Sans-Culottides, CCXII
Baies de Biloxi-et-Mobile, Pays-Lointains

Clean-up began today, rather than at the end of the National Festival as citizens cleaned up after the ravages of Furocano #9, which earlier had looked to slam the already beaten Floridian peninsula.

Gouverneur Alphonse Rochambeau jibed, “It’s a good thing we’re celebrating labor day in two-days time.” He gestures around himself, “We’re going to need the labor to clean up this mess!”

A state of curfew was established just prior to landfall of the furocano, and remains in effect, citizens required to remain in their homes from 19:00 to 7:00, or an hour before sunset and after sunrise.

“We of course thank the Mormon church,” Rochambeau continued, “Their goodwill offerings are much appreciated by the citizens of the Pays-Lointains. The only thing they forgot was the wine!”

The Guard National remains activated until such time as regular policing returns to effect. The council met in emergency session earlier today to approve an aid package to restore some of the losses of the newly re-integrated Pays-Lointains.