25 Fructidor CCXII; Gacudai Gannen, Hatxigaçu 10; 9/12/2004



The launch and retrieval of Yamaxi, a Macaque Fuscata, went off without any problems on Tuesday last, however tests revealed minor containment issues for the atmospheric systems. While the health of Yamaxi was not compromised, the planned launch of cosmonaut André Suzuqui, a Japanese Louisiannais, has been rescheduled for some time in January if a simple fix cannot be found.

“It’s a bit frustrating and discouraging,” Jean-Louis Cattin avered after the results of the launch were announced, “but we’ve not had any real set-backs before now, and it really is a simple problem. We’re lucky this showed up now, and not when André was on his way up to space. Human life is more important than speed.”

While the Sarutahico vessel undergoes a thorough inspection, other concerns also demand attention of the fledgling space organization. While a spirit of scientific detente has existed between the TSRC and ATOE, much to the surprise of the world at large, ATOE’s base of operations remains undecided.

The debate over location for the ATOE launch facility remains highly contested, factions from all over Xicocu levying requests of the Imperial government, and Ezo seeking to bring this economic boon to itself with the well-situated island of Lake Tòya-co a high-profile candidate.

The CNEL Oversight Comittee is also embroiled in debate over reactants for the Raitdju rockets, which are to be used as lift vehicles for later steps in the ATOE goal of a lunar landing. As the onus of development has been largely in CNEL hands until recently there has been very little Japanese input. It is probable, with the cooperative venture that Japanese rocket scientists will bring their comments to bear in the debate.


Gacudai Gannen, Hatxigaçu 11;


Opening today in this small island village is a symposium of the world most renowned science fiction authors. Among the noteable visitors were Ms. Sijay Tsherriah of Oregon, Artvir Klaric, renowned Cambrian author of 1999, 2009, and 2999 and many other space saga, and Emeritus member of the Interplanetary Society of the Federated Kingdom. Many other noteable authors make for a large gathering that, with support staff, nearly double the size of this tropical village. Noteably absent were invited delegates from the TSRC and Euro-Consortiums.

While the actual proceedings are closed to the press, Jean-Louis Cattin, in Bermuda shorts and Kanawikiian shirt smiled and said, “This is a sort of meeting of the minds, drawing upon the great imaginations of scientifically minded writers who can foresee a future for humanity different from the path we’re on today. We consider this research for future projects, because as many of you know, science fiction quickly becomes science fact. Just look at the Ekranoplanes and Spretu jets! Jet propulsion has been a dream for 50 years, but only in the last ten it has shifted from the realm of science fiction to science fact. Artificial Satellites orbiting the Earth were almost unthinkeable before the announcement by the Tysk-Scandinavisk Rum Companie! Look at us now, engaged in a world-wide push for the exploration of space!”

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