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Louisianne; “A Nation Mourns”


20 Fructidor, CCXII

Le Caillou, Saint-Louis, Louisianne

It was reported this morning that Guillaume Henri Claintaun has died, due to massive heart-failure. The Prefect’s condition was not publicly known, but the Prefectoral physician was heavily concerned. In a press conference he stated, “We knew of the Prefects condition, and while we tried to save his life, first through suggestions of diet and exercise, and last night through massive surgery, it was not enough.”

Hilary Rodham Claintaun, Prefect-Elect will assume duties of Saint-Louis tomorrow, though it is likely that most of the less pressing matters will be put on hold until a weeks time, allowing Mme. Claintaun time to greive the loss of her husband with their daughter, Kelsea.

All flags were flown at half mast for honor of the deceased although some of the more conservative districts of Le Caillou were visibly unchanged by the news. “He was a philanderer,” an elderly lady said, on condition of anonymity. “No wonder his ticker went kaput! He drank and caroused so much I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I’m surprised that Hilary has stayed with him all this time!” She shook her head as she walked away in disgust.

Guillaume Claintaun had been feeling chest pain for the last week, and yesterday had checked himself into the Hôpital Hôtel Dieu for a check up on his situation.

Word was leaked by a hospital employee that suspicion has been raised because of the Prefects sudden decline in health. “By all standards, he should have survived this surgery. This was standard surgery, and while there was much damage to his heart tissue, he was not so far gone as to die on the operating table.”

An inquest is in process, and an autopsy will be performed on the fallen Prefect to estimably put end to these rumors.