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World Response to ATOE (Delayed)


25 Thermidor CCXII; Gacudai Gannen, Xitxigaçu 10; August 13, 2004

Fast on the heels of the announcement of the formation of the Trans-Oceanic Alliance for the Exploration of Space nations have presented themselves to partner up with this space effort. “I’m pleasantly surprised with the reaction of the nations of our world. The goal of space is not just for Louisiannans or citizens of the Japanese Empire. It is for the world as a whole.” Jean-François Young glibbed.

ATOE-Louisianne has been inundated with calls by scientists and industry. The Kemrese government has not only pledged its renewed partnership in studying the effects of space on a terrestrial organism; Positioning and Mapping satellites are planned for launch to map the surface of the Moon in preparation for the moon landing. An offer has been extended to the TSRC to share the scientific discoveries by this mission. At press time no response has been received. TSRC later accepted this offer and exchanged the information gleaned from their launch of a simian.

New Francy, habitually antagonistic to the Republic of Louisianne has also pledged its kawaric expertise in the form of at least one, but up to six kawaric arms to aid in the construction of the Çuxima Space Station.

The next scheduled launch is for later this month.