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News From Japan 17/08/2004, Errata


In the news brief of 17/08/2004 our East-Asia correspondent incorrectly stated that Còtxi Airport was to become the cosmodrome. This is in error. It is only to serve as a temporary staging ground until a suitable site for the Xicocu cosmodrome is named. We apologize for any trouble this may have caused.



Hispaniola One Month Later


August 22, 2004

Port-Au-Prince, Haÿti/Saint-Domingue

Nearly a month has passed since crack reporter, Nico Tailleur last reported the fracturing of several major juntas in Haÿti. While we waited on corroboration for his reports, Nico joined a special deployment of Louisiannan forces who were departing the shores of Lac de Péligre and were moving to secure the western range of the Cordillera Central, the Monts de Neiba. Here is his report.

* * *

The fighting to the Northwest of San Juan has been at times heavy, but largely non-existent as quiet communities welcomed the law-bringing Louisiannan troops. These quiet villages have been under the benificent control of control of a pro-Haÿtian régime, and have largely been protected from the fighting that ranged to their north and southeast.

After delivering control of the Lac de Péligre region to the control of Haÿtian forces, the Louisiannan detachment picked up some top-ranking negotiators from Oregon to aid in the peaceful union of the Ecospagnola Junta with Haÿtian interests. Under direction from the Louisiannan Military Directorate a handful of these were kept to attempt to diffuse the taut situation of the Valle d’Artibonite.

Voodoo Cleric Houngan Lessandre has not yet received the delegation from the Neo-Franciens, and, it is hoped with the moderate views of the Oregonians negotiators, representatives of the Empire, New Francy and Louisianne can settle the cleric’s concerns and convince him to a more peaceful tack, better for the haÿtian people at large.

* * *

Other reports indicate that Neofrancien SEAL forces have landed on the Monti Cristi coast and are routing the pro-cuban Juntas, though not without much casualties.

The Francien & Gaulhòsc Army have landed and secured a tenuous corridor stretching from the Baie Ecossais (Bahìa Escocesa) to Santo Domingo, although there is difficult fighting in the immediate vicinity of the airport to the west of the former capitol. According to reports the Pro-Haÿtian junta and French forces have secured a line from La Romana to Cabo San Rafael, although this is heavily embattled by the other juntas of Punta Cana.

Louisiannan forces have continued south and have seized the strategic airstrip at Cabo Rojo, and have also remitted the Île de la Gonâve and the the Valle d’Artibonite to Haÿtian forces in order to secure other territories in this peace bringing effort.

IBAP’s own Niko Tailleur, L’Etoile de Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Osage, LA & other contributors.