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NAL: Philadelphia Temple Re-dedication


August 21, 2004

After three years extensive work in renovating the Philadelphia (Cherry Hill, Kent), NAL Temple, the final tents were put in place today in preparation for the pending open house, beginning Monday.

The LDS church has a long history of opening these edifices, held sacred by church members, for a literally once in a lifetime tour. The Philadelphia temple is one of only a handful that have been renovated so extensively as to require re-dedication, and thus it is a rare treat for those living in the area. The temple is expected to be open for a two-week period to allow all interested to tour.

The first three days of this week are geared toward tours by government officials of both the NAL and countries worldwide. Planned attendees include the High King of Dûnein, President Jean-François Young of Louisianne, Queen Maria-Gabrielle of Tejas, as well as all the local dignitaries of the League government. Other world leaders received their invitations months ago; some are going to be in attendance but for security reasons their names are withheld at this time.

MP Sessions of Mobile, always keen to comment said, “This is so typical of Louisianne, exporting religion, just as it exports its crazily marked products. We didn’t want the Mormons in 1831, and kicked them out. What makes them think we want their false-christianity now?”