Montrei Shark Attack


August 19, 2004

Near the border with Meidji-dò, two divers, Randolpho Fritas and his friend Cliff Zimmerman, a NAL émigré were separated and Fritas killed by a Great White Shark.

“It’s like getting struck by lightning.” An official said. “It doesn’t happen very frequently at all. It can happen to anybody, but its so rare, you don’t think about it. Divers really don’t have to worry about this happening.”

“I was right beside him. I was two feet away. Just took him, gone. He was just gone.” Zimmerman remains terribly shaken after knowing his friend had died so violently, when they had only moments before been free-diving for abalone, in a mere 12 feet of water.

“He was just gone,” Zimmerman said, “I didn’t see anything. You realize even more so, how quickly you’re here one minute and gone the next.”

Jorge Franco, IBAP Newswire

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