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CNEL responds to TSRC criticism


Paris-sur-Mizouri, 30 Thermidor, CCXII

Jean-Louis Cattin spoke today in response to a somewhat fiery attack by the TSRC, the Euro-Consortium.

“In defense of the Louisiannan System, we use the finest Tesla Generators to provide the electrical needs for electrolyzing, cooling and storing the constituent fuels, thus the ecological damage is truly minimized. We are always ready to try new and viable sources of fuel, but for the time being, an hydrogen-oxygen reaction is sufficient for our needs.

“Our launch vehicle is no more complex than the german rockets, as we are simply using a standard heavy-lift dirigible that has been re-inforced to sustain the expansive pressures of high-altitude. Our rockets can thus be built to enable a larger payload to be lifted into

“While I have criticized their launch system,” Cattin said, “I do not criticize their aspirations. In the future, when Ataraxii Xinzuxima is completed, should our germanic friends wish to visit, to use some of our research space under contract, or seek refuge in the hopefully never happening event of catastrophe within their program, they are welcome, welcome with open arms.

“Our desire to go to the moon, to go to space is no more than any human being. To explore new frontiers, to boldy go where no man has gone before, in search of new knowledge, enlarging our civilization.

“As for this launch of a chimpanzee to space, I do not dispute it, but at this time, I cannot accept it as complete truth until I have investigated it further. If they have acheived this feat, so be it, and may their endeavors be fruitful.”