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News from Japan


30 Thermidor, CCXII; Gacudai Gannen, Xitxigatçu 15; 17 August 2004

Còtxi, Xicocu, Japan

With light rain last night, the morning at Còtxi Airport glistened for the launch of Cumo Maru. Còtxi Airport will be converted over the course of this next year to become the Xicocu Cosmodrome.

Under flood lights the tarmac glistened as if covered with diamonds and Cumo Maru, sister ship to Le Cygne, appearing like a cloud. At dawn, the motors of Cumo Maru, heretofore quietly keeping station under the mooring lines roared to life, the mooring lines were pulled away, and she rose off into the sunrise.

An hour later, Cumo Maru was in position over the Pacific ocean, and the newly furbished Raitxò rocket, carrying a test-vessel of the Sarutahico class was dropped and launched to the cusp of space, 100 kilometers, where the Sarutahico vessel was released, re-entering the atmosphere. Its trajectory landed it near the newly reorganized Micronesian Confederation, where Japanese Navy ships were ready and waiting to retrieve the space craft.

Initial reports show that the ceramic heat shield remained intact and served well the purpose of shielding the cockpit from the heat that was generated by re-entry into the atmosphere. Kemrese scientists are waiting to examine the vessel for any signs of space-borne contaminants.

This launch also tested the independent guidance system of the Raitxò rocket, which successfully re-oriented, slowed and splashed down approximately 100 kilometers to the south of the Sarutahico vessel. This same system will be used to guide future Raitxò rockets in robotic docking maneuvers in High Earth Orbit, in preparation for Ataraxii Xinzuxima’s construction.

Like the sunrise, this was a glorious day for ATOE.

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