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Haytian Ecotopia?


27 Thermidor CCXII (August 15, 2004)

Nouvelle Orléans, St. Onge, Louisianne

Marie-Claire Gildersleeve, Prefect of St. Onge took questions this morning in a short question-answer period with a special detachment of the St. Ongian division of the Army arrayed behind her, waiting to board air-transport to Haÿti.

Mme Prefect stated plainly, “Traveling with this contingent of St. Ongian Army division are a group of Oregonian negotiators, under the direct command of General Pierre Lebreton. This group will secure the central massif of Hispagnola and unify them with the rightful rule of Dieudonné III. The Oregonians will negotiate the peaceful unity of the Ecotopic Junta.”

When asked if this would mean that Saint-Domingue would join the ranks of Ecotopias worldwide, Mme Prefect said flatly, “No, this does not. This does guarantee that the wishes of the people living in this area of Hispagnola are addressed. The Oregonian negotiating team will remain under the direction of Louisiannan armed forces, but will be guaranteed the opportunity to have their voice heard.”

She went on, “Dieudonné III has been involved with heated discussions with Louisiannan and Nouvelle Francien delegations, and has agreed to grant a level of autonomy to these people, limited to internal regulation.” These local regulations, she went on to say, are not limited as yet, but will include a national protective order for the region as a National Ecology Park. All taxation will remain in the hands of the government.

26 Thermidor, CCXII (August 14, 2004)

Sto. Domingo, Naugua, Hispagnola

Arriving today in both Santo Domingo on the south and Nagua on the north east, the Francien/Gaulhòsc army devisions have moved in to begin support of pro-Haÿtian forces, and are expected to secure a north-south corridor before mid-next month. (end of August)

While the French Army is still nominally under control of its own leadership, these leaders have deferred to the leadership of Louisianne on the island, and are expected to orchestrate movements to support and sustain the Louisiannan Army’s efforts.

26 Thermidor, CCXII (August 14, 2004)

Surgical air-strikes by Spretu fighters against Pro-Cuban Junta strongholds on Isla Saona off the eastern tip of Hispagnola and in the north of the island near Puerto Plata today were successfully executed despite the anti=aircraft fire.

Armée de l’Air Admiral, Yves St. Julien said in an interview, “They’re using systems that would’ve worked against our older planes, but since we’ve been able to obtain Spretu fighters from Dalmatia, we’re nearly unstoppable in the air.

27 Thermidor, CCXII (August 15, 2004)

MP Sessions today spoke out vehemently against Louisiannan participation in recent world events. “Those know-nothing hillbillies out to learn their place!” he ranted. “Leave the science to countries with the manifest destiny to do so, like our League and the Commonwealth itself. John Francis Young’s getting uppity, thinking that he can so easily undo all the damage that has been done by his predecessors. The best thing he could do would be to resign after joining Louisianne to the League.”

He went on to berate the GM’s policy regarding the ruptured remains of Florida-Caribbea. “We should’ve gone and liberated them all, not left them to the wiles of other countries; we have a vested interest in the stability of the Caribbean, and Louisiannan interference is not to be tolerated. And their influence is only slightly less tolerable than that of the Frogs to the north!”