Louisianna Postures on Haÿti


22 Thermidor, CCXII (August 10, 2004)

Quiòto, Japan

In a speech delivered today at the Imperial Palace, and transmitted via the orbiting Télétoile, President Jean-François Young addressed the Japanese, Louisiannan and world media. A portion of his comments were directed particularly to the Haÿtian/Hispagnolan Issue.

His comments regarding the Louisiannan Policy on Haÿti and Hispagnola:


“I stress the strength of our economy because it is essential to the strength of our nation. And what is true in our case is true in the case of other countries. Their strength in the struggle for freedom depends on the strength of their economic and their social progress.

“We would be badly mistaken to consider their problems in military terms alone. For no amount of arms and armies can help stabilize those governments which are unable or unwilling to achieve social and economic reform and development. Military pacts cannot help nations whose social injustice and economic chaos invite insurgency and penetration and subversion. The most skillful counter-guerrilla efforts cannot succeed where the local population is too caught up in its own misery to be concerned about the advance of those who would subjugate them.

“But for those who share this view, as in the Louisiannan Zone of Hayti we stand ready now, as we have in the past, to provide generously of our skills, and our capital, and our food to assist the peoples of the less-developed nations to reach their goals in freedom—to help them before they are engulfed in crisis.

“This is also our great opportunity in an CCXIII. If we grasp it, then subversion to prevent its success is exposed as an unjustifiable attempt to keep these nations from either being free or equal. But if we do not pursue it, and if they do not pursue it, the bankruptcy of unstable governments, one by one, and of unfilled hopes will surely lead to a series of totalitarian receiverships.

“Earlier in the year, I outlined to the Assembly a new program for aiding emerging nations, as in Hayti; and it is my intention to transmit shortly draft legislation to implement this program, to establish a new Act for International Development, and to add to the figures previously requested, in view of the swift pace of critical events, an additional 34 million écus for a Council Contingency Fund, to be used only upon the Council’s determination in each case, with regular and complete reports to the Assembly in each case, when there is a sudden and extraordinary drain upon our regular funds which we cannot foresee—as illustrated by recent events in Hayti—and it makes necessary the use of this emergency reserve. The total amount requested—now raised to 130 million écus—is both minimal and crucial. I do not see how anyone who is concerned—as we all are—about the growing threats to freedom around the globe—and who is asking what more we can do as a people—can weaken or oppose the single most important program available for building the frontiers of freedom.”

President Young went on to ask for increased funding for pro-liberty radio stations to be broadcast in the languages of the Caribbean basin.

After his speech, President Young was asked regarding a Louisiannan ‘Economic Missions’ in Haÿti and Hispagnola. His sole response was “We are currently seeking resolution with His Majesty Dieudonné III with regard to eastern and western Economic missions to help support the Haÿtian and Hispagnolan peoples in this time of integration into the Empire of Saint-Domingue. We expect a favorable response soon to our requests, and will begin prompt deployment in the hopes of bolstering this people before mid next-(republican)-year.”

No further questions were answered.



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