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Ever-Fracturing Hispaniola


August 7, 2004

While west of the line of demarcation the tense situation simmers, eastward tensions flare to un-foreseen levels as Hispaniolans fight brutally to fill the power vacuum. Several of the heretofore more powerful juntas have disintegrated.

The Puerto Plata Junta, formerly pro-Cuba is now in tatters, with with only the western 1/2 remaining fully Pro-Cuban.

The Santiago-SanJuan Junta, stable for the last six months, formerly surrounded the Ecotopic-leaning ‘Ecospaniola’ Junta (occupying the national parks in of central Hispaniola) is violently dismembered following the terrible bombing death of the seven (7) major junta leaders. Preliminary reports suggest a Pro-Castillian movement in the region of San Juan.

On the Cabo Samaná, on a line between La Manga and Los Róbalos heavy fighting between the San Francisco de Macorís Junta, which is pro-Haÿti and the Samanán Pro-Cubans has abated for the time being, enlarging the pro-Haÿti region, but the Junta looks tenuous to international obervers.

A large, pro-Castillian force has surfaced in the Cordillera Occidental and is fighting the already embattled pro-independence La Romana Junta, which is already losing ground before the island based Pro-Cuban Junta.

The Santo Domingo Junta, Pro-Haÿti, has been making overtures to France for a peace-keeping force to support them and a joint Francien/Gaulhòsc force is expected some time later this month.

Because of increased capacity on the part of Haÿtian National Army forces, Some Nouvelle Francien and Louisiannan troops have been freed to move to the front, and are aiding the neighboring pro-Haÿtian Juntas in consolidation.

Dieudonné III while unavailable for comment is reputed to be brushing up on his spanish and creole.
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