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Haytian Demonstrations


August 3, 2004

Ten were killed and 25 wounded as Haytians marched on the Nouvelle Francien headquarters in Cap-Haÿtien today. The protesters shouted slogans implying that the promised elecions have been held up by Nouvelle Francien trickery, that they sought to annex them to Nouvelle Francie with a puppet Intendant, and that DieuDonné III was being prevented from leading the island nation.

Similar demonstrations took place in the Louisiannan South, although there were no deaths and only minor injuries. The cries in the south were hostile to the Republican government of Louisianne, demanding the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Haytian soil and a return to the Empire of Hispanola under the reign of DieuDonné III.

Little has been heard of Hispanola proper, although some claim that it is being slowly infiltrated by the Cuban junta seeking to restore at some level the Florida-Caribbean nation. A joint Irish-RTC peace-keeping force was promised earlier this year, but due to complication in Florida have not materialized.

M. Dessaline was unavailable for comment, residing in seclusion in the Imperial Palace under protective Haytian guard, loyal to the emperor.

Haytian diplomats have approached the leadership of fractured Hispanola in both Santiago and Santo Domingo, but as yet have been rebuffed by the various juntas.


Louisianne Pays International Visits


16 Thermidor, CCXII (4 August, 2004)

Arriving at 0600h in beautiful Oahu, President Jean-François Young waved happily at the reporters and citizens outside the Aerodrome security perimeter before he was hurriedly hustled into a state land cruiser.

Most of the morning was spent in private meetings with His Majesty, Viceroy of Kanawiki, Kamehameha X. While the details of their meetings were not made publicly available, reporters were told it involved the upcoming Japan-Louisianne Trade Summit.

President Young and His Majesty both addressed local reporters, and these remarks were relayed from the Kanawiki’ian aerostat to Télétoile, rebroadcast simultaneously to Louisianne news groups.

“What a beautiful land to behold!” Young said. “I look forward to the future of the Kanawiki’ians, the Japanese and the Louisiannans.” He also announced in his address the opening of a full embassy in the capital Honolulu, construction to begin immediately. The Embassy will be designed by local architects, among them Tadashi Sato, a local artist. It is anticipated that construction of the Embassy will be completed in five years’ time.

“We greatfully welcome the Louisiannan Embassy. Trade between our peoples will be truly valuable.” Kamehameha X said, beaming.

After the short meeting, President Young was hurried off to board Le Grand Aigle toward his final destination of Quiòto.