Louisianne Pays International Visits


IBAP: 15 Thermidor, CCXII (3 August, 2004)

Leaving after a small press conference last evening, President Jean-François Young boarded “Le Grand Aigle,” the specially maintained presidential airship capable of classified airspeeds, and defensively armed to the teeth.

While declaring that he departed for ‘pays-étranger.’ President Young could not be pressured into a further declaration of destination. Top Palais officials did aver, however, that President Young would be away for the better part of a month, and would be about official business.

In his speech he did cite the successful launch of Télétoile earlier this month, and looked forward to testing the broadcast capabilities of this newest wonder of the heavens. When asked about his radical changes of Louisianne’s foreign policy, he stated simply, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

It was announced later (0400h LST) that President Young was in fact en route to the Empire of Japan, to carry out negotiations with various companies, officials, and most likely, Her Majesty the Emperor, herself.

No timetable has been released at this time, due to security precautions.

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