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News From Japan 17/08/2004, Errata


In the news brief of 17/08/2004 our East-Asia correspondent incorrectly stated that Còtxi Airport was to become the cosmodrome. This is in error. It is only to serve as a temporary staging ground until a suitable site for the Xicocu cosmodrome is named. We apologize for any trouble this may have caused.



Hispaniola One Month Later


August 22, 2004

Port-Au-Prince, Haÿti/Saint-Domingue

Nearly a month has passed since crack reporter, Nico Tailleur last reported the fracturing of several major juntas in Haÿti. While we waited on corroboration for his reports, Nico joined a special deployment of Louisiannan forces who were departing the shores of Lac de Péligre and were moving to secure the western range of the Cordillera Central, the Monts de Neiba. Here is his report.

* * *

The fighting to the Northwest of San Juan has been at times heavy, but largely non-existent as quiet communities welcomed the law-bringing Louisiannan troops. These quiet villages have been under the benificent control of control of a pro-Haÿtian régime, and have largely been protected from the fighting that ranged to their north and southeast.

After delivering control of the Lac de Péligre region to the control of Haÿtian forces, the Louisiannan detachment picked up some top-ranking negotiators from Oregon to aid in the peaceful union of the Ecospagnola Junta with Haÿtian interests. Under direction from the Louisiannan Military Directorate a handful of these were kept to attempt to diffuse the taut situation of the Valle d’Artibonite.

Voodoo Cleric Houngan Lessandre has not yet received the delegation from the Neo-Franciens, and, it is hoped with the moderate views of the Oregonians negotiators, representatives of the Empire, New Francy and Louisianne can settle the cleric’s concerns and convince him to a more peaceful tack, better for the haÿtian people at large.

* * *

Other reports indicate that Neofrancien SEAL forces have landed on the Monti Cristi coast and are routing the pro-cuban Juntas, though not without much casualties.

The Francien & Gaulhòsc Army have landed and secured a tenuous corridor stretching from the Baie Ecossais (Bahìa Escocesa) to Santo Domingo, although there is difficult fighting in the immediate vicinity of the airport to the west of the former capitol. According to reports the Pro-Haÿtian junta and French forces have secured a line from La Romana to Cabo San Rafael, although this is heavily embattled by the other juntas of Punta Cana.

Louisiannan forces have continued south and have seized the strategic airstrip at Cabo Rojo, and have also remitted the Île de la Gonâve and the the Valle d’Artibonite to Haÿtian forces in order to secure other territories in this peace bringing effort.

IBAP’s own Niko Tailleur, L’Etoile de Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Osage, LA & other contributors.


NAL: Philadelphia Temple Re-dedication


August 21, 2004

After three years extensive work in renovating the Philadelphia (Cherry Hill, Kent), NAL Temple, the final tents were put in place today in preparation for the pending open house, beginning Monday.

The LDS church has a long history of opening these edifices, held sacred by church members, for a literally once in a lifetime tour. The Philadelphia temple is one of only a handful that have been renovated so extensively as to require re-dedication, and thus it is a rare treat for those living in the area. The temple is expected to be open for a two-week period to allow all interested to tour.

The first three days of this week are geared toward tours by government officials of both the NAL and countries worldwide. Planned attendees include the High King of Dûnein, President Jean-François Young of Louisianne, Queen Maria-Gabrielle of Tejas, as well as all the local dignitaries of the League government. Other world leaders received their invitations months ago; some are going to be in attendance but for security reasons their names are withheld at this time.

MP Sessions of Mobile, always keen to comment said, “This is so typical of Louisianne, exporting religion, just as it exports its crazily marked products. We didn’t want the Mormons in 1831, and kicked them out. What makes them think we want their false-christianity now?”



Montrei Shark Attack


August 19, 2004

Near the border with Meidji-dò, two divers, Randolpho Fritas and his friend Cliff Zimmerman, a NAL émigré were separated and Fritas killed by a Great White Shark.

“It’s like getting struck by lightning.” An official said. “It doesn’t happen very frequently at all. It can happen to anybody, but its so rare, you don’t think about it. Divers really don’t have to worry about this happening.”

“I was right beside him. I was two feet away. Just took him, gone. He was just gone.” Zimmerman remains terribly shaken after knowing his friend had died so violently, when they had only moments before been free-diving for abalone, in a mere 12 feet of water.

“He was just gone,” Zimmerman said, “I didn’t see anything. You realize even more so, how quickly you’re here one minute and gone the next.”

Jorge Franco, IBAP Newswire


CNEL responds to TSRC criticism


Paris-sur-Mizouri, 30 Thermidor, CCXII

Jean-Louis Cattin spoke today in response to a somewhat fiery attack by the TSRC, the Euro-Consortium.

“In defense of the Louisiannan System, we use the finest Tesla Generators to provide the electrical needs for electrolyzing, cooling and storing the constituent fuels, thus the ecological damage is truly minimized. We are always ready to try new and viable sources of fuel, but for the time being, an hydrogen-oxygen reaction is sufficient for our needs.

“Our launch vehicle is no more complex than the german rockets, as we are simply using a standard heavy-lift dirigible that has been re-inforced to sustain the expansive pressures of high-altitude. Our rockets can thus be built to enable a larger payload to be lifted into

“While I have criticized their launch system,” Cattin said, “I do not criticize their aspirations. In the future, when Ataraxii Xinzuxima is completed, should our germanic friends wish to visit, to use some of our research space under contract, or seek refuge in the hopefully never happening event of catastrophe within their program, they are welcome, welcome with open arms.

“Our desire to go to the moon, to go to space is no more than any human being. To explore new frontiers, to boldy go where no man has gone before, in search of new knowledge, enlarging our civilization.

“As for this launch of a chimpanzee to space, I do not dispute it, but at this time, I cannot accept it as complete truth until I have investigated it further. If they have acheived this feat, so be it, and may their endeavors be fruitful.”


News from Japan


30 Thermidor, CCXII; Gacudai Gannen, Xitxigatçu 15; 17 August 2004

Còtxi, Xicocu, Japan

With light rain last night, the morning at Còtxi Airport glistened for the launch of Cumo Maru. Còtxi Airport will be converted over the course of this next year to become the Xicocu Cosmodrome.

Under flood lights the tarmac glistened as if covered with diamonds and Cumo Maru, sister ship to Le Cygne, appearing like a cloud. At dawn, the motors of Cumo Maru, heretofore quietly keeping station under the mooring lines roared to life, the mooring lines were pulled away, and she rose off into the sunrise.

An hour later, Cumo Maru was in position over the Pacific ocean, and the newly furbished Raitxò rocket, carrying a test-vessel of the Sarutahico class was dropped and launched to the cusp of space, 100 kilometers, where the Sarutahico vessel was released, re-entering the atmosphere. Its trajectory landed it near the newly reorganized Micronesian Confederation, where Japanese Navy ships were ready and waiting to retrieve the space craft.

Initial reports show that the ceramic heat shield remained intact and served well the purpose of shielding the cockpit from the heat that was generated by re-entry into the atmosphere. Kemrese scientists are waiting to examine the vessel for any signs of space-borne contaminants.

This launch also tested the independent guidance system of the Raitxò rocket, which successfully re-oriented, slowed and splashed down approximately 100 kilometers to the south of the Sarutahico vessel. This same system will be used to guide future Raitxò rockets in robotic docking maneuvers in High Earth Orbit, in preparation for Ataraxii Xinzuxima’s construction.

Like the sunrise, this was a glorious day for ATOE.

Official Press Release for IBAP and JNN


Haytian Ecotopia?


27 Thermidor CCXII (August 15, 2004)

Nouvelle Orléans, St. Onge, Louisianne

Marie-Claire Gildersleeve, Prefect of St. Onge took questions this morning in a short question-answer period with a special detachment of the St. Ongian division of the Army arrayed behind her, waiting to board air-transport to Haÿti.

Mme Prefect stated plainly, “Traveling with this contingent of St. Ongian Army division are a group of Oregonian negotiators, under the direct command of General Pierre Lebreton. This group will secure the central massif of Hispagnola and unify them with the rightful rule of Dieudonné III. The Oregonians will negotiate the peaceful unity of the Ecotopic Junta.”

When asked if this would mean that Saint-Domingue would join the ranks of Ecotopias worldwide, Mme Prefect said flatly, “No, this does not. This does guarantee that the wishes of the people living in this area of Hispagnola are addressed. The Oregonian negotiating team will remain under the direction of Louisiannan armed forces, but will be guaranteed the opportunity to have their voice heard.”

She went on, “Dieudonné III has been involved with heated discussions with Louisiannan and Nouvelle Francien delegations, and has agreed to grant a level of autonomy to these people, limited to internal regulation.” These local regulations, she went on to say, are not limited as yet, but will include a national protective order for the region as a National Ecology Park. All taxation will remain in the hands of the government.

26 Thermidor, CCXII (August 14, 2004)

Sto. Domingo, Naugua, Hispagnola

Arriving today in both Santo Domingo on the south and Nagua on the north east, the Francien/Gaulhòsc army devisions have moved in to begin support of pro-Haÿtian forces, and are expected to secure a north-south corridor before mid-next month. (end of August)

While the French Army is still nominally under control of its own leadership, these leaders have deferred to the leadership of Louisianne on the island, and are expected to orchestrate movements to support and sustain the Louisiannan Army’s efforts.

26 Thermidor, CCXII (August 14, 2004)

Surgical air-strikes by Spretu fighters against Pro-Cuban Junta strongholds on Isla Saona off the eastern tip of Hispagnola and in the north of the island near Puerto Plata today were successfully executed despite the anti=aircraft fire.

Armée de l’Air Admiral, Yves St. Julien said in an interview, “They’re using systems that would’ve worked against our older planes, but since we’ve been able to obtain Spretu fighters from Dalmatia, we’re nearly unstoppable in the air.

27 Thermidor, CCXII (August 15, 2004)

MP Sessions today spoke out vehemently against Louisiannan participation in recent world events. “Those know-nothing hillbillies out to learn their place!” he ranted. “Leave the science to countries with the manifest destiny to do so, like our League and the Commonwealth itself. John Francis Young’s getting uppity, thinking that he can so easily undo all the damage that has been done by his predecessors. The best thing he could do would be to resign after joining Louisianne to the League.”

He went on to berate the GM’s policy regarding the ruptured remains of Florida-Caribbea. “We should’ve gone and liberated them all, not left them to the wiles of other countries; we have a vested interest in the stability of the Caribbean, and Louisiannan interference is not to be tolerated. And their influence is only slightly less tolerable than that of the Frogs to the north!”