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Newsday in Review, 27/5/2004


9 Prairial, Year CCXII


Following heavy rainfall last weekend flooding is ravaging the island of Hispaniola. Hundreds of villages have been destroyed, 950 have been confirmed dead, and the death toll is still rising. In the village of Mapou as many as 1,000 are feared dead.

Search crews continue to recover bodies and Louisiannan and Intendency troops are distributing fresh fruit, bread and bottled water to stave off illness and additional loss of life.

In Mapou houses are submerged in flood water, and bodies have been seen in them, but because the flood continues recovery is not currently an option.

Across the border 417 bodies have been recovered, and Hispaniolan officials say there are at least 400 more missing.

In Fond Verrettes Jermanie Vulsont is inconsolable. “The river took everything; there isn’t anything left,” she weeps. “The river snatched my five children from me.”

Louisiannan Forces have frozen their efforts to raise a reliable native police force in order to ensure the health of Haytians. When work resumes, Louisianne Officials assure IBAP that the Police Force is sworn to protect and serve the people of Hayti and the government they will choose for themselves in the upcoming election.

Motions for a Republic have been abandoned by Louisianne in favor of a more middle of the road approach suggested by the Republic of Two Crowns.

The RTC Plan proposes that DieuDonne III be placed in position as Emperor-Elect, but remain subject to replacement by the electorate, as is the case in the Republic. Public opinion remains deeply split despite the reconciliation of Louisianne to the RTC Plan, and campaigning for both Pro-Imperial and Pro-RTC Republic plans continue nearly unabated despite the weather catastrophe. Elections are tentatively scheduled for later this summer.

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne

Treasury Minister Jean-Michel Darguence happily unveiled the long-delayed Écu bills. Originally planned for release tocirculation in CCX (2002), the bills were delayed by political wrangling and an adjustment to some security features.

The Écu has been newly valued at a ratio of 8/4 when compared to the NAL Pound, thus making the new Louisiannan centime equal to the NAL penny. One Écu is currently valued at 43.58g of silver.

While the government has been officially using the Écu for the last three years, shopkeepers have only been required to place comparative prices in front of shoppers for the last year.

“It’s not enough time, first of all,” says Nico Taylor, denizen of Lyon-sur-Mizouri. “You’d’ve thought that the Council would’ve learned its lesson when the louisian was revalued overnight in the 60’s. It was pandemonium.” He looks down the row of vegetables to an elderly lady scratching her head. “The elderly are taking this hardest. They’re still receiving their pensions in louisians and are paying extra because of price-rounding because of the new Écu. Fortunately for us the Council will let the Écu circulate for the next two years, giving us time to adjust.”

The current treasury plan calls for complete transfer from louisian to Écu by the end of CCIV. The 10 Écus bill will be released into circulation early next month, and the 20 by the end of Messidor. The 50, 100, and 500 will be released in two month increments following. At the same time all louisian paper money and coinage is being collected and destroyed or re-minted into Écus.

“The Treasury tries to tell us trade will be easier.” Nico Taylor says, shaking his head. “It’ll make it simpler to understand and do a mental math conversion, but it won’t make it easier. The denominations of our coins do not match, in light of the Louisiannan penchant for decimalization.”


Louisianne Breaks Ground


IBAP: 1 Prairial CCXII

Today amidst sounds of bulldozers and other earthmovers the first pylon for the ski lifts of Tremble was set in place. Already the advertising campaign can be clearly seen in tourist bureaus throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Completion is slated for Vendémiaire or Brumaire of next year.