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His Imperial Highness DieuDonné III


11 Germinal, CCXII (March 30, 2004)


With the arrival of DieuDonné III in Port-Au-Prince the situation in Hayti is quickly polarizing as people choose which side they will support, the restitution of the Imperium or a renewed Democratic Republic.

While there was an impromptu parade held in DieuDonné III’s honor, a protest began in the eastern quarter of the city, demanding a referendum, that the people might choose for themselves, rather than having the choice forced upon them.

The Louisiannan Peacekeeping forces quickly moved into the area to quell the uprising, promising that Louisianne would do all it could to ensure self-determination for the Haytian peoples.

Grand Mareshal Albert Marsden of the Armée de l’Air was interviewed for an official response.

“We will support the Haytian people if they choose to restore the Dessaline Family to power, but we wish for them to be able to choose. This people has been so put upon by other’s wishes…it’s time for them to speak out for themselves.”

Marsden later went on to say that he anticipates the situation to have calmed sufficiently by early summer so a referendum can take place. When questioned about the peacekeeping force of Louisiannans occupying the southern half of Hayti, Marsden would say they were there to ensure law and order.

His Imperial Highness DieuDonné III was not reportedly available for comment at press time.

Analysts of the situation say that it seems very likely that the Haytians will choose the Imperium, but there was strong showings of rifting between the royalist north, held by NeoFrancien troops and the south, held by Louisiannan Troops.