Mushroom Cloud over the Caribbean


IBAP March 26, 2004 (7 Germinal CCXII)

Yesterday’s prevailing winds from the Southeast have pushed the contaminated water vapor over Louisianne, and a polluted rain is falling over large areas of St. Onge, and parts of Tejas.

The actual RAD count has yet to be determined by scientists, but it must be said that the effect on the land will be much different than if the Floridian bomb had landed on Louisiannan soil. President Marie Gildersleeve has been in communications with the SR Representatives to negotiate a settlement of damages for those affected in St. Onge.

The evacuation effort of the last few days was touted as a large success, and similar systems are being modeled for the other Departements of the country, with the cooperation of CFL and Air Louisianne.

In related news, President Jean-Francois Young spoke with the press during a break in session at the League of Nations, and spoke his condolences to the affected peoples of St. Onge. He related that his argument for an international peace-keeping force in Hayti was being well received, but no decision had yet been made.

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