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Mushroom Cloud over the Caribbean


IBAP March 25, 2004 (6 Germinal CCXII)

The few citizens of Vienne-le-Port who remained in their homes were jolted awake this morning to a sonic boom and an incredible flash of light.

The threatened Floridian bomb had been intercepted approximately twenty miles off-shore at 4:37 AM, LST. The Louisiannan Navy ship ‘Voltaire’ had intercepted the rusty, leaking boat that was trying to run the barricade, and had boarded, only to find a lone Floridian at the controls, his hand clenched around a deadman’s switch.

The only reports that was made before the explosion stated that the man was dressed in Floridian Military garb, and that the ‘Voltaire’ crew was trying to disarm the bomb. Obviously, their attempts were not successful.

The resulting explosion vaporized a large section of the Gulf, sending radioactive water vapor into the upper atmosphere, which is and will be descending as rain. All persons along the Gulf Coast are encouraged to stay in their homes until authorities can evacuate the affected areas.