Louisianna’s Haytian Concerns


5 Germinal, CCXII (24 March, 2004)

Hayti Crisis — Special News — IBAP, Louisianne

In an early morning press address from the Paris-sur-Mizouri Aerodrome, President Jean-Francois Young spoke out against Nouvelle Francien Minister of Safety Perrat’s commentary on Louisiannan motives.

“Louisianne has announced our intentions with the military and civilian support to Hayti. We’ve stated a time frame within which we intend to get Hayti back on its feet and moving forward. We plan on holding general elections once peace is restored wherein all persons of Hayti may select electors to represent them in a constitutional convention, held under League of Nations auspices. We want a free, autonomous and self-determined, self-governed Hayti.

“In our analysis of events we are lead to a dark conclusion, that the motives of Nouvelle Francie are not support for Hayti, but colonization. One simply has to look at the distance from Nouvelle Francie to Hayti to realize that their fleet had departed many days before the Lousiannan convoy. It is my fear that the Nouvelle Francien government has made this move to boulster its own royalist ends.

“I fear that Minister Perrat’s commentary was a move to cover his derriere, seeking to shift the blame that would likely fall on his country for this bold move. I am leaving this morning to the League of Nations headquarters to demand a unilateral peace-keeping force be sent to Hayti to ensure the right of self-determination for that poor, abused people.

“It is my hope that the people of our world will see the risk in allowing Nouvelle Francie to occupy parts of Hayti when their motives are questionable. This is not a matter of sibling rivalry, nor is it divisiveness over the issue of republican versus royalist government. This is a matter of people being able to decide for themselves how they will be governed.

“If I am wrong in my supposition, which is based on the facts of these last few days, then I urge the Nouvelle Francien government to declare its intentions with their occupying force in Hayti, to explain why there was no communication between our two governments as to a plan of action with Hayti. If Nouvelle Francie’s intentions are truly honorable, then I apologize d’avance. If not, I urge them to withdraw and allow this people a choice of sovereignty.”

In related news, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, based in Zarahemla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, has begun to send large amounts of food, clothing and medicine to Hayti, as well as specialized personnel to help train and rebuild the infrastructure.

When asked about this move, President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “They are our brothers. They are our sisters. How can we look at the abundance the Lord has placed before us and not share with them?”

When questioned about the personnel, he said, “We have called these people who are even now travelling to Hayti to serve in a service mission capacity. They will train, they will teach, they will heal this people who has so long been abused. Most will only remain there for a year or 18 months. Others may or may not replace them depending on the stability of the region and the need for more support. They are not sent to indoctrinate the Haytian people. They are not there to agitate for any form of politics, and we will recall them if they do so. They are there to serve, to bless a trodden upon people. It is my prayer that the Haytian people will have a time of peace and respite, that they will be able to live their lives in happiness, as God intended.”

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