Ponderous Analyst Decries Hayti Move


IBAP: Le Caillou, Osage, Louisianne, 4 Germinal, CCXII (23 March, 2004)

Albert Cassin, a renowned government analyst spoke out today against the influx of Nouvelle Francy troups in Hayti.

“I’m deeply bothered by the quote from Minister Perrat. What is the most bothersome is that the Nouvelle Franciens would have been welcome to contribute to the effort of restoring Hayti to an autonomous, self-selected government, but they instead chose not to contact the Louisiannan government, and sent troops.

“It would seem to me that Minister Perrat is not so deeply concerned with the intent of Louisianne, but rather with securing another royalist support for their country.

“If I were on the Council, I would make heavy petition to the League of Nations to send in a peacekeeping force made up of representative nations. This has all the feeling of a great political snafu in the making. It makes me cringe.”

M. Cassin is expected to be called into special hearings with the Council later today.

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