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Louisiannan Forces Arrive in Haÿti


IBAP: Port-au-Prince, HAYTI 3 Germinal, CCXII (March 22, 2004)

Amidst heated skirmishes the Louisiannan Peace Keeping force arrived into battle scarred Port-au-Prince. What was left of the Floridian puppet governer, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was handed over to authorities, persumbably for an ignominious burial.

Spretu Fighers are patrolling Haytian airspace while the Army and Navy work to secure land and sea borders, quelling hot-spots of Floridian resistance.

The Louisiannan force is not treating the Floridians heavy-handedly, but rather offers clemency and is prepping boats to return the Floridians to their Patria.

Croix-Rouge personnel, with Louisiannan Army Aide are setting up distribution centers to help the war ravaged people with distribution of bedding, food and clothing. Further efforts are planned to help these people become self-sufficient by restoring the economy of the shattered republic.

In a private interview, Grand Mareshal Albert Marsden of the Armée de l’Air said, ‘We are pleased with the versatility of the spretu fighters and will be ordering more from our fine colleagues, the Dalmatians. We esteem this operation to be well in hand, and look forward to a peaceful occupation while the Haytians rebuild and prepare for their own autonomy.”