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Louisianne Responds To Telemundo


30 Ventôse CCXII, 08h00, Nouvelle Orléans, St. Onge, Lousianne


[Lights illuminating podium, quiet murmuring of press associates]

[SQUEAL of Microphone as Rear Admiral Louis Mareshal Odequirk adjusts it]

[ODEQUIRK:] Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, Representatives from the League of Nations. With the discovery of the retreat of Floridian Occupation forces the Louisiannan Army, Navy and Air Force are even as we speak moving into position in the Caribbean to offer support to the governments of Hayti and Martinique during this renewed transitional time. We will willingly consult with other nations seeking support.

[UNNAMED REPORTER:] Is this a colonial move by the Council?

[ODEQUIRK:] Decidedly not. Our military forces will support the local police infrastructures until such time as these countries elect a stable national government. Our operations will be consistently monitored by League Officials.

[MAX TANNENBAUM, KLOZ, ZARAHEMLA:] Is there a time frame for this, or will this be a de facto colonization?

[ODEQUIRK:] I repeat this is not colonization, and at this time there is no time frame. We will be working with the respective governments of these islands and it is my unofficial opinion that Louisiannan forces will withdraw before the end of next year. Thank you.

[Steps down from the podium amidst flashes of cameras and shouted questions, and disappears behind the curtains.

[Editor: It is believed that Odequirk meant the end of an CCXIII, which will conclude on September 21, 2005.]