Newsbrief 3/17/2004


28 Ventôse CCXII

La Salle, St. Onge, Louisianne

In this fine bay city, Suburb of Nouvelle Orléans there has been a flury of activity lately, as many Scandinavian descent Louisiannans come in every day on the trains, ready to participate in the Privateering operations. While Louisianne does not condone this action, and is seeking to prevent it with patrols of the Caribbean, it allows these young men and women to leave on vessels bound for foreign ports where they most likely join the SR Privateering Fleet.

“No Privateers are permitted to dock here,” Karl Maginot, dockmaster of La Salle said on Tuesday, “We don’t permit them to dock here, and if they do, their vessels are seized. We don’t want to become a target of Floridian ire. Bad for business.”

The Principautés Lointains, Biloxi et Mobile, are taking a different tack, which causes great concern in the halls of the National Assembly and the Council chambers. Rumor runs rampant that the gun runners that helped the resistance during the occupation of these cities have resurfaced and are beginning in earnest to ferry supplies to the embattled Kraal Baai Naval Base.

Any dockmaster asked for comment politely refused, and the reporters seeking the comments were shown politely to a waiting cab and asked not to return. Government officials have yet to actually send an official investigator, though a visit is promised some time later today. An un-named source, who spoke on condition of anonymity was credited as saying, “Of course we are going to turn a blind eye to this. It’s the same principle we operated under during the years with Alta California and Tejas. We keep both sides embattled and funded, and they leave us the hell alone.”

Political analysts disagree, stating that the government may be turning a blind eye for the near term in hopes that the conflict will rupture, and the SR and coalition will achieve their freedom. All sources would agree that a freed and independent Caribbean would be much better than the powderkeg it currently is.

– Henri Vankrikonge, IBAP

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