Lousianne Response to Caribbean Crisis


26 Ventôse, CCXII

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne

In a public press conference, President Jean-Francois Young and the entire council stood on the steps of the Legislature and expressed their most sincere apologies to families who have lost loved ones in the violence executed by the Floridian Troups.

While there has not yet been a public acknowledgement of the overtures made by the Rigsfellskab Ambassador, rumor lays rich upon the capitol city, suggesting heated discussions behind closed doors. An unidentified government staffer suggests that the council could make a public statement regarding Louisianne’s participation in a coalition.

Neu Gjøteborg, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

Tensions ran high, and police were deployed to contain a raucus demonstration by Scandinavian descendents decrying the blatant aggression of Florida-Caribbea. The demonstrators ranged in age from 20-30 roughly.

While the demonstration was relatively peacefully ended, concern rose again among police as large lines grew in front of the SR Foreign Legion, however these citizens were peaceable and waited calmly for their turn to aid their ancestral homeland.

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