Louisianne: This Day In History


4 Ventôse, CXCVI (Feb 23rd, 1988)

Sad news for Louisianne today as our neighbor, Tejas fell to the control of the Bush regime. The surviving family of Maria Luisa Solms-Braunfels as well as other nobility were received in Asylum at Toulouse Aerodrome, where they were quickly shuttled to a Nouvelle Francy Zeppelin and transported to the Intendance.

4 Ventôse, XCVI (Feb 23rd, 1888)

Celebration and news dispatches flew madly from the Mormon capitol of Zarahemla today as the dedication of the third Mormon temple was completed in the city of Manti, near the Tejas border. Many dignitaries have come to visit the temple in the past weeks, often commenting on the beauty of this house dedicated to the service of God, a happy change from the persecution the Mormons felt in the NAL/SLC.


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