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Louisiannan Response to Cruzan Escalation


30 Pluviôse CCXII

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne.

In a special news conference, President Jean-Francois Young plead for peace in the escalating situation between the Cruzan Islands and Florida-Carribea. “We must all take a step back.” He said. “We must reconsider what this action will do to the lives of all our peoples.” He pleaded with Presidente Bush and Mr. Johansen to seek arbitration with the League of Nations; saving lives, most importantly, but also trade and capital.

In a defensive move, the Navy has been returned to full activity to protect trade from possible privateering and disruption. This change in activity was welcomed by servicemen who’ve been furloughed since the Florida-Carribea declared an end of open hostilities in their recent expansionist phase. “Let Florida-Carribea understand that we mean no harm; we are simply protecting all Gulf States’ financial interests. If the Florida-Carribean Navy can spare ships to accompany our escorts, we invite them to join us.”

No response has come from Presidente Jaime Bush at the time of this publication.