RepubliComm says, “Can you hear me now?”


19 Pluviôse, CCXII (10 Feb, 2004)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne.

From the steps of the capitol, President Jean-Francois Young engaged in a phone conversation to President Gildersleeve (St. Onge). Flanked by banners of RepubliComm and CNEL, President Young spoke calmly of domestic matters until CNEL and RepubliComm were able to make the transfer, from a Aero-Stat relay to the newest jewel in the heavens, Lingua 1, orbiting Louisianne. When the transfer was complete, and an affirmative hand gesture was given, President Young said calmly, “Can you hear me now?” After a momentous pause, he said, “Good!”

While Lingua 1 is not in a stable orbit, and is expected to decay quickly, burning up upon re-entry, it has proved a fruitful testbed for RepubliComm technologies, and plans are in the works at RepubliComm for more stable satellites to replace the sometimes difficult to maintain Aero-Stat Relays.

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