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Louisianne: This Day In History


4 Ventôse, CXCVI (Feb 23rd, 1988)

Sad news for Louisianne today as our neighbor, Tejas fell to the control of the Bush regime. The surviving family of Maria Luisa Solms-Braunfels as well as other nobility were received in Asylum at Toulouse Aerodrome, where they were quickly shuttled to a Nouvelle Francy Zeppelin and transported to the Intendance.

4 Ventôse, XCVI (Feb 23rd, 1888)

Celebration and news dispatches flew madly from the Mormon capitol of Zarahemla today as the dedication of the third Mormon temple was completed in the city of Manti, near the Tejas border. Many dignitaries have come to visit the temple in the past weeks, often commenting on the beauty of this house dedicated to the service of God, a happy change from the persecution the Mormons felt in the NAL/SLC.


Le Matin, 3 Ventôse, CCXII


This transcript was taken from Le Matin, a daily tele-journal on LBC 13, hosted by Katrine Nielsen and Matthieu De Cuir.


[Katrine]: Sad news delivered today regarding the train wreck just outside of St. Joseph, to our east. The train carrying military cargo to the newly acquired territory in the Rocheuses was misdirected by a traffic controller and collided with a Passenger train bound for Yonne. While the death toll remains at 15, the number of those who were injured is quite large, and local hospitals are asking that citizens comme and donate their blood to ease the toll. CFL has announced a deep inquiry, and that the traffic controller in question will be held off duty until the inquest is completed.

[Matthieu]:CFL and St. Joseph City officials all request that family members remain in their localities, as those who are injured are being transferred to hospitals close to their respective homes. In other news, President Jean-Francois Young this morning announced plans to expand protection for sea-traffic to include all ships bound for ports in Louisianne and Tejas, and not only Louisiannan ships, as was previously stated.

[Katrine]: Many along the Gulf Coast are anxious, no less the newly restored Principautés Lointains, Biloxi et Mobile. Our affiliate in Biloxi has sent us this report.

[Video Feed showing people in lines in supermarkets, voice over by Ramón Gutierrez, correspondent]

[Gutierrez]: Cities that should be normally preparing for the enourmous festivities of Mardi Gras, which will take place on Tuesday are instead preparing for the worst.

[Man]: I’ve lived through so much in my life. I know that Florida-Carribea says they’re only dealing with this insurgency in the Cruzans. Now, I’m not saying that the Cruzans are right or wrong. Every group of people wants to be in charge of their own destiny, and I don’t fault them. All this commotion just makes me nervous. I’m afraid of price gouging, I’m afraid of shortages. I have a family to take care of, and they need to eat.

[Gutierrez]: While the situation here is not that difficult, people are on edge, and the feeling of festivity that should be prevailing here and elsewhere in the Republic is deeply abated.

[Matthieu]: Any word from the government, Ramón?

[Gutierrez]: The colonial governor has threatened retribution against any shop owner gouging citizens, and has encouraged all that there will not be any shortages of food, petrol or other staples.

[Matthieu]: Thanks for the report, Ramón and stay safe.

[Gutierrez]: You too.

[Katrine]: In other news, la Cortège des Muses, founded by native son, Henri Connique, Fils has been ruled innocent of implication by a Magistrate. Four Nouvelle Orléans youths have been charged with second degree murder in this shooting.

[Matthieu]: And it seems as though the world is conspiring against this happy season, as another death has been reported. Margina Perón, a visiting Tejan, died in a local hospital following a deadly fall from an upper echelon in the Stade Nationale.



Louisiannan Response to Cruzan Escalation


30 Pluviôse CCXII

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne.

In a special news conference, President Jean-Francois Young plead for peace in the escalating situation between the Cruzan Islands and Florida-Carribea. “We must all take a step back.” He said. “We must reconsider what this action will do to the lives of all our peoples.” He pleaded with Presidente Bush and Mr. Johansen to seek arbitration with the League of Nations; saving lives, most importantly, but also trade and capital.

In a defensive move, the Navy has been returned to full activity to protect trade from possible privateering and disruption. This change in activity was welcomed by servicemen who’ve been furloughed since the Florida-Carribea declared an end of open hostilities in their recent expansionist phase. “Let Florida-Carribea understand that we mean no harm; we are simply protecting all Gulf States’ financial interests. If the Florida-Carribean Navy can spare ships to accompany our escorts, we invite them to join us.”

No response has come from Presidente Jaime Bush at the time of this publication.


Tragedy in the “Big Easy”


19 February, 2004 (29 Pluviôse, CCXII)

Nouvelle Orléans, St. Onge, Louisianne.

What should have been an atmosphere of festivity and revelry has turned to ash as yesterday a firefight exploded on the streets of Nouvelle Orléans during a parade by the Cortège des Muses, the only all female group to participate in the Mardi Gras parade.

Local police have arrested 15 people and recovered two pistols. “We would rather err on the side of caution,” Captain Marius Defillo said. Investigators have said that all stories seem to corroborate that there was a fight, followed by gunplay.

Three people have been hospitalized for minor injuries, but one woman is dead, though her name has not been released, pending notification of her family.

Jorge Morales, 35, visiting from Pensacola in the newly returned Gulf Coast counties of the NAL/SLC was watching the parade. “Everything was normal, then it just came out of the blue,” Mr Morales said. He claimed to have heard four or five shots before the crowd of spectators began to scatter.

Sécurité Nationale De la Louisiane, SNL, would only offer that it felt these events were not linked to terrorism, but simply domestic violence.



RepubliComm says, “Can you hear me now?”


19 Pluviôse, CCXII (10 Feb, 2004)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne.

From the steps of the capitol, President Jean-Francois Young engaged in a phone conversation to President Gildersleeve (St. Onge). Flanked by banners of RepubliComm and CNEL, President Young spoke calmly of domestic matters until CNEL and RepubliComm were able to make the transfer, from a Aero-Stat relay to the newest jewel in the heavens, Lingua 1, orbiting Louisianne. When the transfer was complete, and an affirmative hand gesture was given, President Young said calmly, “Can you hear me now?” After a momentous pause, he said, “Good!”

While Lingua 1 is not in a stable orbit, and is expected to decay quickly, burning up upon re-entry, it has proved a fruitful testbed for RepubliComm technologies, and plans are in the works at RepubliComm for more stable satellites to replace the sometimes difficult to maintain Aero-Stat Relays.