Louisianne: On The Campaign Trail in St. Louis


2 Pluviôse, CCXII

After Monday’s Caucus in Le Caillou, President Guillame Henri Claintaun has thrown in his hat. After a poor showing and public backlash for his desires to run for re-election, President Claintaun has announced his support for his wife, and his retirement for public life following his term of office.

The race is now beginning to look tight, as Hilary Rodham Claintaun and Richard Alouicious Gépard vie for their the party nomination against Populist Party’s Michel Huckabée. Polls show Mme. Claintaun leading Gépard 2 to 1 and it is suspected that if the poor showing for M. Gépard continues, he’ll bow out of the race.

Darlène Moisson, IBAP, Le Caillou.

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