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Louisianne Newsbrief


28 Frimaire, CCXII

Zarahemla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne.

Today at the Reed Smoot Aerodrome President Jean-Francois Young and President Padrig Maughan held a press conference to announce the end of military operations against Deseret Zionist Movement.

“The DZM is no longer a concern of the Louisiannan people.” President Maughan said. “We have the greatest of thanks in our heart for the fine pilots loaned to us from the Dalmatian Air Force.”

The cermemony concluded with an award of the Louisiannan Fleur-de-Lys, symbol of patriotic valor in combat, to the entire Dalmatian squadron. The Dalmatans are expected to arrive home in time for Christmas on the 5th Nivôse CCXII.


A Deseret Christmas Wish


December 18, 2003

Salt City, Deseret, Disputed Territory.

Amidst the hovels of the impoverished people of Deseret stands a little girl, blonde haired, blue-eyed, clutching the ragged remnants of a doll. This picture is seared on the mind of those who’ve seen it, a sweet child, with parents who would be law abiding citizens, if only a peace could be secured. So state posters that have been plastered on any vertical surfance in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The Coalition for a Deseret Condominium State has renewed its efforts with the Alta Californian government to secure peace as an autonomous district. Among the proposed tenets of the agreement are a promise to pay taxes to the government in San Diego, and an oath of fealty by all Deseretans to support and defend the Alta Californio government.

The CDC is hoping that with a new Presidente in power peace is attainable. “We’re hoping that all Deseretan children will have at least one of their wishes granted; Peace for the coming year. Peace, and the promise of growing up.”

There has been no response from the Californio government at press time.