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Council Members Subjected to Vandalism


IBAP: 5 Brumaire, CCXII (28 Oct, 2003)

First President Young and the Council were all surprised this morning as they walked out of their respective Paris-sur-Mizouri residences; the tires of their vehicles had been removed and replaced with Cinder Blocks.

“We’re not sure how this happened,” Remy de Chamois, Press Relations Officer for Council Security (SC). “All of our video shows the various garages to be untampered with. We’re uncertain as to why the vandals only removed the front tires of the vehicles. It truly makes very little sense. If they performed this action to accomplish some political objective, none of us have any clue as to what it is.”

All members of the council are reported to be safe and secure. There is no leads at time of publication.


Newsday in Review 22 Vendemiare, CCXII


IBAP: 22 Vendemiare, CCXII (13 October 2003)

Voile, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

President Jean-Francois Young and President Padrig Maughan stood today in the town square of Voile, one of the principal cities in the newly-acquired western territory.

In a press release, Young and Maughan announced the plan to build several world class ski resorts to rival the resorts of the French and Lombardine Alps. The planned resorts are to carry the names of Tremble, Voile, Babeurre sur Tremble, Montagnes de Tremble, Breckenridge, Montagne de Cuivre, Monarque, and Eldora. These ventures will be a joint venture between the Louisiannan and Nouvelle Cournouaille governments with business interests in the area. These ski resorts will more than double the ski resorts that already exist in the area.

Tremble and Voile are slated to open for next ski season, while Monarque’s slated opening will not be for another three years, pending the political situation in Tejas. Others will open in the neighbourhood of Tremble and Voile as economical viability is assured.

The financial outlook of these resorts is expected to gross in the millions of ecus once established, according to analysts. The Louisiannan Tourist Bureau is already planning an advertizing push for next summer to bring in the visitors to the resorts.

In a related press release, CFL and Air Louisianne have both announced development plans for transportation to these two cities to take in a part of the tourist trade.