Newsday in Review, 6 Sans-Culottide CCXI


6 Sans-Culottide, CCXI

Hammond, St. Onge, Louisianne.

A training mission today went awry over Louisianne resulting in the crash and destruction of the Spretu fighter. At press time the Lousianne Air Force (AAL) has not yet disclosed the status of the pilot and training officer.

L’Armée de L’Air Louisiannaise affirms that the crash was, according to the telemetry recieved due to error of the pilot who was training to fly the Spretu. There is no reason to suspect neither foul play, nor the workmanship of the Spretu fighter.

The PR Officer indicated that it is likely that because of an error by the trainee the plane went out of control, and the Training Officer who was aboard to ensure a safe flight was unable to correct the error.

Soko Works has expressed interest in inspecting the wreckage of the Spretu, and were quick to announce that this was the first writeoff of a production-version Spretu due to any cause, in or out of combat. Dalmatian Air Force and Air Defence have also expressed the desire to send officers to speak with relevant counterparts in the AAL.

The AAL announced late this evening that they welcomed the offers. The crash is still felt to
be due to pilot error, but the telemetry has yet to be examined. The AAL and Louisianne are still very pleased with the fine workmanship of the Dalmatian Spretu.

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne

For the first action of the new year, the Council announced today an offer to purchase approximatley 1,000 km^2 of mountainous Tejan territory for the price of 10 million écus (at the current exchange rate of 1 écu 44.83/g/silver). While the projected use is not yet publicly declared pending negotiations, many suyspect this as a bid to give the Deseret Mormons a safe haven. Others view it simply as a measure to pacify the border dispute that’s brooded for years. Negotiations are currently underway between Her Majesty and the Council.


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