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Newsday – 15 September 2003



Toulouse, Osage, 28 Fructidor CCXI (Sept 15, 2003)

In response to the upcoming Sans-Culottides, another shipment of produce and grain for the ailing Tejans, as well as clothing is now ready. This large convoy was collected in large part by the humanitarian services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The final collation of goods will be completed on the Second Sans-Culottide in celebration of Labor, and will be delivered for the day of Noble Actions, the 3rd Sans-Culottide.

* * * * * * *

Baie de Mobile, Principautés Lointains (PL), 26 Fructidor, CCXI. (Sept 13, 2003)

The last of the rubble was cleared today from the former site of the colonial administrative center. The building was destroyed in bombing during the past 20 years. While the building will be largely different on the interior, the outside facade will be rebuilt to look as it has looked for prior centuries. Groundbreaking services are expected to begin on the 1 Vendémiaire, CCXII.

* * * * * * *

Lille, France, 25 Fructidor, CCXI (Sept 12, 2003)

Today Jean-Pierre Jeunet announced his latest film will be a war-story on the Great War. He has agreed to be financed by Studios Saint-Julien. Release date is currently undecided pending a filming schedule.


CNEL & RepubliComm: Satellite Launch


Le Caillou, St. Louis, Louisianne, 28 Fructidor, CCXI (15 September, 2003)

Pierre Chamois, PR Director of RepubliCom announced today that in honor of the 1 Sans-Culottide a launch of a telecommunications test-satellite will be launched. This symbol of genius is based upon current blimp-based telecommunications systems that have been modified. It is expected that RepubliCom and CNEL scientists will learn a great deal from this test-satellite, and will open a bright future untroubled by earthly weather.


Sans-Culottides Celebration


Paris-sur-Mizouri, 28 Fructidor CCXI, (September 15, 2003)

President Jean-François Young, accompanied by the six Provincial Presidents announced today their joy at the upcoming national festival. “It is a happy day for all Louisiannans, knowing that our friends and family of Baie de Biloxi and Mobile are able to celebrate these days with us. It’s also a very enjoyable year for many, as this year we have a special sixth Sans-Culottide, dedicated to the Revolution, to our freedom, and to a blossoming future!”

This year’s Sans-Culottide Events were enumerated in a press release on Sunday. For the non-Louisiannans, we remind that the types of events for the Sans-Culottides are dedicated to the following ideals: 1) Genius, 2) Labor, 3) Noble Actions, 4) Awards, 5) Opinion, and this year’s sixth day is both dedicated to the Revolution as well as to the Intellectual Saturnalia. IBAP expects an inundation of libelous press releases from Louisianne on this day of Freedom-of-Speech pushed to the extreme.

Look for our report on the Genius Sans-Culottide on September 19, 2003, or 2 Sans-Culottide CCXI