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The DFF & the ZFM


Zaraëmla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, 25 Fructidor, CCXI (12 September 2003)

(IBAP) Appearing before a crowd of television reporters the Louisiannan Army escorted the last of the Zion Freedom Movement to Police wagons to be taken to trial for their part in the destructive terrorist acts against the state. Already, Alta California is clamoring for extradition.

President Padrig Maughan, Provincial President of Nouvelle Cournouaille issued a public statement of thanks to Dalmatia, stating, “(that) without the support of the Spretu fighters that were originally loaned and later bought from the Dalmatian people, we would have been much longer under a threat from these evil people.”

President Maughan went on to speak about negotiations to purchase a tract of land from Tejas, but avered that no details could be divulged at this time, but that negotiations were ongoing.

In related news, the Deseret Freedom Fighters have renewed their pleas for a semi-autonomous state to the Alta Californio goverment, with as yet no response from San Diego.

Harold Kohler, IBAP, Nouvelle Cournouaille.