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Louisianne’s Stance on NF’s Shining Hearthland Policy


Paris-sur-Mizouri (IBAP/PNL) 13 Fructidor, CCXI

Today, in response to the recently announced ‘Shining Heartland Policy’ of L’Intendance de Nouvelle Francie, President Jean-François Young and the Six Presidents of the Council held a press release stating their response.

“While we welcome a renewed interest in the culture of France, we also have no fear of Nouvelle Francien medling in our government. Studies in times past have shown that interest in this project was severely curbed by the overt monarchist leanings. Moreover, we are not to be outdone in Louisianne, and have announced our own version of this doctrine in the form of `La Patrimoine’.

“Youth clubs, etc will be organized, as well as a national clearinghouse for francophilic literature, merchandise and rhetoric. We hope that this will continue to weld our society together as it has in years past, recognizing that we all come from Europe, and many of our ancestors have been influenced by the French and Gaulois in many wonderful ways.”

President Young and the council also announced a desire to purchase a small triangle of land in the disputed territories from both Tejas and Alta California, if need be. If this land purchase was approved it would put a serious dent in the government’s budget for the next two to five years. Details of the land deal are still being discussed with the respective governments.

Conservatives were quoted later, following the speech, as saying that this announcement by the Council was to cover their blunders in the Trans-Pontchartrian events of earlier this year, as well as the current state of the economy. The bid to purchase land in the Disputed Territories is seen simply as a way to put a buffer between to squabbling neighbors, as well as increase the government’s holdings in the Rocheuses. 10 of 15 resorts in the Rocheuses are currently run by the government, but it is expected with some budget shortfalls this year that several of the ski resorts will be sold to local entrepreneurs.


Summer in Review


24 Thérmidor, CCXI (August 12, 2003 )

IBAP Newsdesk, Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne

An eventful summer has passed in the République de la Louisianne, and as fall approaches new and exciting events loom on the horizon.

CNEL has announced that the second launch of a space probe will take place sometime after September 10, 2003 (23 Fructidor CCXI). Telemetry has been received from the initial probe, and has been processed, with exciting results.

The squadron of crack flyers from Dalmatia has spent the summer training Louisianan pilots in the maneuvering of the newly acquired jet planes. It is expected that the training of these Air Force pilots should be completed before the end of this year. It is with great thanks to Dalmatia and its people that the Republican Government announces the formation of a new branch of the Louisianan Armed Services the Air Force. This new Air Force is created from the Air Armored Divisions of the Army and Navy, and will have sole control of all zeppelins, prop and turbine aircraft.

President Jean-François Young announced a week ago that there is an ongoing inquisition as to the involvement of Senator Ribeira with Florida-Carribea fundamentalists. Unfortunately, due to events, the inquisition is currently a standstill because Senator Ribeira and his family are currently believed to be seeking asylum in Florida-Carribea.

Government officials are currently on state of heightened alert because of recent threats made by the Zion Freedom Army. There have not yet been a terror attacks as was seen earlier this summer in Zaraëmla, but in light of recent messages sent to government officials a heightened state of alert has been declared.

Also, in recent weeks both First President Young, as well as other Presidents of the Ruling Council have received visits from a group calling themselves the Deseret Freedom Council. In press releases following the these visits it has become apparent that the DFC is apparently a coalition of the Mormon inhabitants of Deseret as well as other colonists seeking to have official recognition from neighboring government.

The Council is currently in discussions with the governments of Tejas and Alta California regarding this new political movement in the disputed territory.

Tele-Louisianne was pleased to report that all actions of the Deseret Freedom Fighters have seemed to stop following the declaration of desires for Condominium Rule of the Disputed Territory. There have been no further demonstrations of violence from the Deseret Freedom Fighters, although there has been continuing threats from the Zion Freedom Army, a splinter group of the DFF.

Chemin de Fer Louisiannais is pleased to announce the opening of TGV lines from Paris-sur-Mizouri to Zar��mla and also to Brest in Nouvelle Navarre. The CFL has announced that as soon as stable government is achieved in Tejas negotiations will begin to extend a TGV-line from Nouvelle Orleans to Houston. Plans are already being discussed with the North American League to connect the TGV-line from Louisianne at St. Louis to North American League rail system.

Contact with the outside world has been difficult for Louisianne this year because of continued storms, tornadoes, and flooding wreaking havoc on communications lines. Many of the government relay blimps have been grounded during storms, and telegraph and telephone lines have been greatly disrupted. It is estimated that this year alone has produced over five million Ecus damage to both government and private property. CNEL looks forward to launching in the near future a communications satellite to eliminate the effects of terrestrial weather on communications.