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Assault on Air Louisianne Liner


Monday, 6 Prairial, CCXI

Houston, Republic de Tejas

An Air Lousianne airliner en route from Mejico City to Nouvelle Orleans was forced to make an emergency landing at Houston/Bush International Aerodrome after several gas bags ruptured following an attack by unidentified assailants.

Air Louisianne PR Representative Miguel de Saint-Saëns spoke in a press conference from Nouvelle Orléans three hours after the unscheduled landing.

“The airship appears to have sustained damage to the aft gas bags, presumably following a strike of a surface-to-air puncture weapon. Due to the sufficient altitude of the Airship, and the relatively limited damage, the ship was able to land at Houston/Bush International.

“Repairs are expected to be completed on the wounded ship within the week, but the passengers have already been boarded onto another Air Lousianne ship and are again en route to Louisannan airspace.

“Initial reports suggest that the attacking force was located somewhere in the Gulf, but who the actual attackers were, who their backers are, and many other related questions remain unanswered at this time.”



Newsweek in Review


22 Floréal, CCXI (12 May, 2003)

IBAP, Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage

This past week has been one of tumultuous weather, BNM, le Bureau Nationale Meteorologique, said. Over 300 cyclones have been confirmed across central Louisianne, concentrated mostly in Southern Nouvelle Cournouaille, Osage, and St. Louis, though some have been confirmed in Nouvelle Navarre, Northern St. Onge and across our border along the Mississippi.

Loss of life has been largely minimized due to the recently improved and nationalised advance warning system. Death tolls however are still in the hundreds, and many are picking up the pieces of their lives after tornadoes smashed through their homes.

BNM hopes to be among the first to launch a satellite through CNEL’s efforts, to thus enable a better prediction of weather than is currently offered.

Also, Zaraëmla reported snows of nearly a 20 centimeters, though that is largely melted as of today. Respite from the tornadoes is predicted as a High Pressure has moved in over central Louisianne.

President Young also announced today that he would be attending the coronation ceremonies in Santa Fe in midsummer. Louisianne has pledged continuation of the current trade agreements that exist between Tejas and our nation, as well as future renegotiations.

CNEL announced on the 19th (9th May) that the Kemrese doctors have officially joined our efforts in the space race, to understand the effects of space upon a living being.