Louisianne Political Turmoil: The Suite


9 Floréal CCXI (April 29, 2003)
IBAP: Natchitoches, St. Onge, Louisianne

In the aftermath of Senator Ribeira’s disappearance from Louisianne the opposition party, the People’s Voice of Louisianne or VPL has been steadily losing ground in the opinion polls. Yesterday a referendum was passed in the department of St. Onge calling for all members of the VPL to step down for two years before returning to political life.

Preliminary investigation led Inquisitors to believe that Senator Alberto Ribeira was acting on his own and that he was a Florida-Carribean zealot, seeking simply to further what he felt were his country’s best interests.

Current discoveries lead government leaders to believe that Ribeira was acting under the influence of a coalition of landownders in the Florida Panhandle. This group of land ownders were not supported by the Bush regime as far as can be ascertained. It seems the plan was for Ribeira to obtain the presidency of St. Onge and through manipulation of the government, and thus help those men to effectively colonize Trans-Pontchartira to make their own country.

Fortunately for the Trans-Pontchartrians and Louisiannans at large, an unnamed informant notified the Departmental Police of this scheme and cut Ribeira’s plans off at the knees.

In light of this news, it is expected for otehr departments to pass referendums before the end of the week and the VPL to be ousted. While this change is going to affect the Departmental legislatrues it shouldn’t affect the council as the Presidents are all members of the majority party, the Free Republicans.

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