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Bombing in Zaraëmla


8 Floréal, CCXI (28 April, 2003) Zaraëmla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

Two are dead and at least twenty are wounded following an attack today.
Conflicting reports place blame with the Deseret Freedom Fighters and a
splinter group.

At approximately 9:00am LST an explosion ripped through the entrance to the parking garage of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative complex. Officials now believe that the attack was meant for the 24 story SDJ Church Office building and others in the complex. The van containing nothing more than simple fertilizer and other chemical components to cause an explosion was to be parked under the office tower in a predetermined location to cause a structural weakness and cause it to fall, crushing several other buildings.

The bomb however went off prematurely as the van was entering the underground parking garage, thus destroying parts of the open air plaza between the Administrative Center and Temple Square, injuring pedestrians but causing no damage to buildings beside the garage.

Officials are puzzled by the reaction of the DFF and an apparent splinter grop, both claiming to be the DFF, and denying the claims of the other. Investigation is on-going.