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Growing Industries in the République de la Louisianne


3 Floréal, CCXI (April 23, 2003)

IBAP: Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage:

The National Space Committee’s (CNEL) director, Jean-Louis Cattin announced today that protracted negotiations with an unspecified computer company in the Irish Union (An t-Aonst�t �ireann) have reached a satisfactory end, and that shipment would be completed soon. This new computer will be used in managing the affairs of CNEL as the space industry of Louisianne continues to grow.

In other news, the Minister of Defense, Willem Koracz announced that discussions had been satisfactorily concluded with Colonel Mitar Karaxhicz, Attache of the Dalmatian Department of Agriculture. It is anticipated that a shipment of 50 Spretu jet fighters will arrive in Louisianne before the end of the year to replace the aging propeller craft currently used in the Air Fleets.