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L.B.C. (ABL) ‘Newsday: Day in Review’


IBAP: April 3, 2003 (13 Germinal, CCXI)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne:

At noon today the Minister of Defense, Willem Koracz met with the newly arrived Dalmatian Delegation as a group, and specifically with Colonel Mitar Karaxhicz, Attache of the Department of Agriculture. Meetings were ‘closed-door,’ and no information has been given aside the nature of the meeting as a ‘safety council.’ No word as of yet as to plans discussed, but there were numerous affirmations of total disclosure at a future time.

Hammond, St. Onge, Louisianne:

Reports received today from observation craft indicated increased movements of troops in Florida-Carribea. Local militias throughout the Trans-Pontchartrian region have begun training sessions every second day as a preventative measure to possible invasion.

In related news, First President Young spent the day in the seclusion of his offices, seeking to talk with neighboring governments and to resolve differences.

Baton Rouge, St. Onge, Louisianne:

Presidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve spoke this morning to the Province of St. Onge to respond to allegations levied by Opposition Party Leader Alberto Ribeira. Her address was carried by TeleLouisianne (TL), Mizouri Broadcast Company (MBC) and Lousianne Broadcast Company (LBC). Senator Ribeira has called an emerency meeting of the St. Ongin Parliament. It is highly probable he will move for a vote ‘no-confidence’ in Presidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve. Current polls show a very tight race if Gildersleeve and Ribeira go head to head in a general election, with a mere 5% lead on Ribeira one month ago. The special session is scheduled for tonight at 6:00 PM.


Dalmatian Visitors


IBAP April 3, 2003 (13 Germinal, CCXI)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne:

An airship transporting 20 officers of the Usztra Dalmateska (D. Army) arrived in Louisianne today and took up residence in the Dalmatian Embassy complex. Deputy Agriculture Attache (Colonel) Mitar Karaxhicz requests to meet his “counterpart” (ie. the Louisiannais Army officer who is to liaise with the Dalmatian advisers) at the earliest convenient time.

TMV Gloria Adriatika of Dalmlines is en route to Louisianne laden with the equipment of the 23rd Special Mountain Battalion of the Usztra Dalmateska as well as three Spretu jet fighters (along with their ground and flight crew belonging to 101 Sqn). The aircraft are carrying Louisiannais roundels and tactical numbers in accordance with Louisiannais military standards. If requested by the Louisiannais military, these aircraft will carry out air strikes against Deseret terrorists. The 23rd SMB is placed under Louisiannais Army command; it will serve as required by the L. Army. The same applies to the 3rd Flight of 101 Sqn – it is placed under command of the L. Air Force. Only condition of placing these units under L. command is that they be permitted to operate using tactics specified by Dalmatian military doctrine.
[note: TMV = Tesla-Motor Vessel 🙂 ]

An airship has arrived in Al-Basra transporting 3 officers of the D. armed forces to discuss possible assignment of D. units to the defence of Al-Basra in case of `Iraaqi aggression.

Dalmatian Minister of Science and Technology Elke Cajthaml requests a formal report on the progress of the Franco-Dalmato-Irish project to put a cosmonaut in space. Further Dalmatian involvement in the project will be determined by the contents of this report.