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Radio Pontchartrain: The Frankie Ozarque Show


IBAP: Apr 2, 2003 (12 Germinal, CCXI)

Nouvelle Orleans, St. Onge, Louisianne


FO: Good Morning, Nouvelle Orleans! Frankie Ozarque here – spinning down the tunes for you this morning! Coming up in the next half-hour I’ll be playing the debut single from Zaydeco Warrior, but first let me introdcue this morning’s guest, Senator Alberto Ribeira, Opposition party minority leader from our own St. Onge. How’s the family in Natchitoches, Senator Ribeira?

RIBEIRA: Might fine, might fine, thanks for asking, Frankie.

FO: It’s been a buzy few days politically for you, hasn’t it?

RIBEIRA: Ever since the rocket mishap I’ve been eagerly requisitioning information, tryihng to get to the bottom off this, trying to understand why our government is hiding the fact they’re two-faced.

FO: Two-faced, Senator?

RIBEIRA: Absolutely, Frankie — It’s no secret that Louisianne’s prior administrations sold weapons to both Alta California and Tejas. It’s been common practice, why hide behind it now?

FO: These are serious charges, Senator.

RIBEIRA: Very serious, Frankie. The people of Saint Onge and Louisianne deserve to know the truth. I’ll tell you this as well, Frankie–The people from North of Pontchartrain have been talking to me. See, they’ve got family that live east of the Pearl, and they’ve been saying there’s no military movements. Jaime Bush only wanted the Floridians to be home. They’re home now, Frankie, they’re home and they’re happy.

It’s obvious to me, as I’m sure it would be obvious to youi, or anyone from the area that Louisianne’s just trying to keep the wolves at bay–that’s why there’s a buildup of army forces–that’s why the Pontchartrain Causeway’s wired with dynamite–yes, dynamite folks.

I’ll tell you also that Madame Marie-Claire Gildersleeve is right in on this dirty business. I’ve told you for months and months about her dealings. Many of you believed me at election time last year, but not enough. Some of you were confused by that double-talking snake, and understandably so. Now that you see the truth, I expect you’ll make the right decision.

I’m calling a special meeting tomorrow of the Provinical Parliament. I hope that I will have the support of you, my fellow St. Ongins and St. Ongines. You need some one to speak truth to the Council — I’m your man.

FO: Senator–you’ve got my support. I hope the Pontchartrians have listened well. You’ve got my vote.”

RIBEIRA: Well, thank you, Frankie. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some of my other constituents to speak to.

FO: Certainly, Senator. Folks, that was the fine Senator Alberto Ribeira, always a pleasure to have him on the show. Now, let’s go into the long-awaited single of Zaydeco Warrior — “Getting Jiggy on the Bayou Tonight.”

|—End Transcript—|