LPR: Event Calender with Clarence Boggs


Program Aired Initially April 1, 2003 (11 Germinal, CCXI)

Host: Clarence Boggs.

|—–Begin Transcript—–|

BOGGS: Welcome and Good Evening, Louisianne. Tonight on Event Calendar, I’m pleased to be joined by the Council, both in studio and via telephone, with our great thanks to the LRTC for providing telephone service so faithfully through the years. To you, les Presidents, I wish you ‘bienvenu’.

PRESIDENTS: Thank you.

BOGGS: To begin, we were all surprised, and then shocked as events have unfolded this week. The Opposition Party of Parliament, most vocally Senator Alberto Ribeira, has alleged that you, President Young, and the Council have known for a long time the threat posed by the Deseret Freedom Fighters.

YOUNG: Well, Mr. Boggs….

BOGGS: Please, President Young, call me Clarence.

YOUNG: Clarence…the Council has known of the existence of the DFF but not of their aggressive nature toward Louisianne. We knew of their belligerence toward Tejas and Alta California; we attributed it to the land claims of both of these countries. Neither the Agence de l’Espionage de la Republic, nor la Police Nationale knew in advance of this attack.

BOGGS: Does the Council feel this is a failing on the part of AER or the Police Nationale?

PRESIDENT PADRIG MAUGHAN, NOUVELLE COURNOUAILLE: No. I spoke with Phillippe Grosjean, Director of AER, and he stated that all indicators on the behavior of the DFF were showing an attack against Alta California or Tejas or both was imminent. Intelligence also suggested that Alta California was expecting much the same. Thus, as a Council we feel that AER and the Police Nationale were not at fault. It was a surprise move of the DFF, plain and simple.

BOGGS: There are some in the Opposition that would disupte that, les Presidents, citing the detente that has existed between Tejas and Alta California for so long a time regarding Deseret. Many suggest that you, as the Council, allowed this to happen as a distraction for Tejas and Alta California, lest they make moves against Louisianne. Others would suggest that you paid the DFF to do this deed to produce a distraction.

YOUNG: Would you care to cite those sources? They should be censured for such faulty ideology.

BOGGS: They weren’t identified to me, President.

MAUGHAN: We on the border know quite plainly that there are no motives for Alta California or Tejas to attack Louisianne.

PRESIDENT ALOUICIOUS ‘LOU’ DOBBS, OSAGE: Tejas is one of Louisianne’s major trading partners. We would do nothing to endanger the relationship that we’ve developped with them in the last 50 years.

BOGGS: Some would speculate that Louisianne has created this to embroil Tejas and Alta California in internal affairs so that the Army can concentrate on the threat posed by Florida-Carribea. They also suggest that this situation was made to keep Jorge Bush from joining his brother Jaime in conquest.

DOBBS: Preposterous. Whoever said that doesn’t know the character of Jorge Bush. Call it ‘la malchance extreme’ that Jaime Bush is rattling his saber at just the same time we get hit by the DFF.

PRESIDENT MARIE-CLAIRE GILDERSLEEVE, ST. ONGE: It seems to me that the Opposition Party is simply looking for a way to tip the votes and gain power. So far their theories seem based on moonbeams and spider-webs. I’d like to see actual evidence to back these claims.

BOGGS: Jaime Bush’s adderess yesterday seemed rather belligerent. What do you as a council have to say to his allegations?

GILDERSLEEVE: Firstly, I would like to say that I don’t understand his rhetoric regarding ‘European Colonialism,’ Every country in the Americas was colonized by the Europeans, but by and large we are all independent. Louisianne keeps close ties to France, but in no way are we ruled by them. We are Americans.

DOBBS: He needs to get his facts straigtht. We have every right to move our troops within the boundaries of our nation. We choose to take a preventative step against incursion by moving troops to protect the narrow neck of land from the Mississippi to the Pearl. It is our sovereign territory. We can and will do with it as we choose.

YOUNG: We will not invade Florida-Carribea. We will protect ourselves, however. We will not stand by and watch an invasion. We have had fruitful trade despite their belligerence for some time now, and we won’t lose it if we can avoid it, but neither will we lose territory that has been ours since colonisation, nor will we allow a chokehold on the aorta of our economy, the Mississippi.

BOGGS: Well said. We’ll pause now for station identification, and continue after the break.



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