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CNEL Launch Scheduled


9 Floréal, CCXI (April 29, 2003)

CNEL, Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne:

Scientists, curious to see the effects of space upon a body have announced another launch viewable from the observation post ‘le Cygne.’ This launch, planned for early summer, will launch a life form into space, where scientific instruments will monitor the reaction of a living organism to space. The capsule will orbit the Earth, with a landing planned for an as yet undisclosed body of water.

Already with news of a successful launch, CNEL is negotiating with telecommunications companies who are seeking more reliable and cost effective means of relaying communications to their customers than the trans-Atlantic cable or Aero-Stat Blimps.


Louisianne Political Turmoil: The Suite


9 Floréal CCXI (April 29, 2003)
IBAP: Natchitoches, St. Onge, Louisianne

In the aftermath of Senator Ribeira’s disappearance from Louisianne the opposition party, the People’s Voice of Louisianne or VPL has been steadily losing ground in the opinion polls. Yesterday a referendum was passed in the department of St. Onge calling for all members of the VPL to step down for two years before returning to political life.

Preliminary investigation led Inquisitors to believe that Senator Alberto Ribeira was acting on his own and that he was a Florida-Carribean zealot, seeking simply to further what he felt were his country’s best interests.

Current discoveries lead government leaders to believe that Ribeira was acting under the influence of a coalition of landownders in the Florida Panhandle. This group of land ownders were not supported by the Bush regime as far as can be ascertained. It seems the plan was for Ribeira to obtain the presidency of St. Onge and through manipulation of the government, and thus help those men to effectively colonize Trans-Pontchartira to make their own country.

Fortunately for the Trans-Pontchartrians and Louisiannans at large, an unnamed informant notified the Departmental Police of this scheme and cut Ribeira’s plans off at the knees.

In light of this news, it is expected for otehr departments to pass referendums before the end of the week and the VPL to be ousted. While this change is going to affect the Departmental legislatrues it shouldn’t affect the council as the Presidents are all members of the majority party, the Free Republicans.


Bombing in Zaraëmla


8 Floréal, CCXI (28 April, 2003) Zaraëmla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne

Two are dead and at least twenty are wounded following an attack today.
Conflicting reports place blame with the Deseret Freedom Fighters and a
splinter group.

At approximately 9:00am LST an explosion ripped through the entrance to the parking garage of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints administrative complex. Officials now believe that the attack was meant for the 24 story SDJ Church Office building and others in the complex. The van containing nothing more than simple fertilizer and other chemical components to cause an explosion was to be parked under the office tower in a predetermined location to cause a structural weakness and cause it to fall, crushing several other buildings.

The bomb however went off prematurely as the van was entering the underground parking garage, thus destroying parts of the open air plaza between the Administrative Center and Temple Square, injuring pedestrians but causing no damage to buildings beside the garage.

Officials are puzzled by the reaction of the DFF and an apparent splinter grop, both claiming to be the DFF, and denying the claims of the other. Investigation is on-going.


Louisiannan Embassy Response to SARS


5 Floréal, CCXI (April 25, 2003)

IBAP: Embassy Row, Hong Kong, Canton:

Ambassador Beaulieu of the Louisiannan Embassy announced today a closure of the Embassy district for the duration of the SARS outbreak. “All employees of the Embassies will lodge within the confines of the enclave for the duration of this plague.”

The decision was taken as a preventative measure to decrease the risk of infection for diplomats in the area. The Ambassadors suggested that similar quarantines be placed in neighborhoods all through the city to aid the speedy ending of this plague.


Growing Industries in the République de la Louisianne


3 Floréal, CCXI (April 23, 2003)

IBAP: Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage:

The National Space Committee’s (CNEL) director, Jean-Louis Cattin announced today that protracted negotiations with an unspecified computer company in the Irish Union (An t-Aonst�t �ireann) have reached a satisfactory end, and that shipment would be completed soon. This new computer will be used in managing the affairs of CNEL as the space industry of Louisianne continues to grow.

In other news, the Minister of Defense, Willem Koracz announced that discussions had been satisfactorily concluded with Colonel Mitar Karaxhicz, Attache of the Dalmatian Department of Agriculture. It is anticipated that a shipment of 50 Spretu jet fighters will arrive in Louisianne before the end of the year to replace the aging propeller craft currently used in the Air Fleets.


Lousianne Political Turmoil?


IBAP: April 4, 2003 (14, Germinal, CCXI)

Baton Rouge, St. Onge, Louisianne:

In a special session of the Bicameral St. Ongin Legislature, Opposition Party Minority Leader, Senator Alberto Ribeira of Natchitoches called for and received support in a vote of No-Confidence against Presidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve, citing supposed acts unbecoming a public officer.

In a move that surprised Senator Ribeira, a Presidential Vote was motioned by Representative Liam d’Arvorec of Nouvelle Orléans, and sustained by the Representative of Hammond (North Pontchartria), Jose Prunier. A short recess was called for all senators to compare the facts issued in the statements of Presidente Gildersleeve and Senator Ribeira.

When the session was reconvened and the vote was cast, Senator Ribeira was defeated by a fifteen percent margin. Presidente Gildersleeve, newly re-elected motioned for an investigation into the allegations against her, and also an inquiry into the behavior of Senator Ribeira. The Motion was sustained, and Senator Ribeira was censured.

Yvette Quincompoin, Press Attache, St. Ongin Parliament


L.B.C. (ABL) ‘Newsday: Day in Review’


IBAP: April 3, 2003 (13 Germinal, CCXI)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne:

At noon today the Minister of Defense, Willem Koracz met with the newly arrived Dalmatian Delegation as a group, and specifically with Colonel Mitar Karaxhicz, Attache of the Department of Agriculture. Meetings were ‘closed-door,’ and no information has been given aside the nature of the meeting as a ‘safety council.’ No word as of yet as to plans discussed, but there were numerous affirmations of total disclosure at a future time.

Hammond, St. Onge, Louisianne:

Reports received today from observation craft indicated increased movements of troops in Florida-Carribea. Local militias throughout the Trans-Pontchartrian region have begun training sessions every second day as a preventative measure to possible invasion.

In related news, First President Young spent the day in the seclusion of his offices, seeking to talk with neighboring governments and to resolve differences.

Baton Rouge, St. Onge, Louisianne:

Presidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve spoke this morning to the Province of St. Onge to respond to allegations levied by Opposition Party Leader Alberto Ribeira. Her address was carried by TeleLouisianne (TL), Mizouri Broadcast Company (MBC) and Lousianne Broadcast Company (LBC). Senator Ribeira has called an emerency meeting of the St. Ongin Parliament. It is highly probable he will move for a vote ‘no-confidence’ in Presidente Marie-Claire Gildersleeve. Current polls show a very tight race if Gildersleeve and Ribeira go head to head in a general election, with a mere 5% lead on Ribeira one month ago. The special session is scheduled for tonight at 6:00 PM.