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IBAP, 31 March, 2003 (10 Germinal, CCXI)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne

Record numbers of reporting agencies showed up to the National Space Committee of Louisianne (CNEL) headquarters this morning for the joint news conference of the Ministry of Internal Affaires and CNEL.

Jean-Louis Cattin, CEO of CNEL appeared visibly shaken and genuinely concerned at the news. He announced that the Dalmatian Development Team (EDD) had reviewed the telemtry sent from the failed rocket, and that it had been discovered that the fuel baffles were not at fault.

The demise of the rocket was due instead to the Deseret Freedom Fighters, a vigilante group heretofore only involved in harrying the forces of Alta California and Tejas in their squabbles over the Territory of Deseret.

Henri Dufayel, Minister of Interior Affaires proceeded to explain that a message had been sent to the Council’s chambers in the Capitol. In the letter, dated the 29th of March, (8 Germinal) the spokesperson for the DFF declared “an unending terror campaign against the governments of Louisianne, Alta California, Tejas and Oregon until peace is established in the region of Deseret.”

The spokesperson went on to state that DFF had chosen the rocket launch to “clearly show that Louisianne would rather waste time, energy and intelligence on the vacuum of space than to help fellow humans in need.”

A state of alert was placed over the entire country from this moment forward and all citizens are encouraged to report suspicious activites to proper authorities. Corporations such as Chemin de Fer Louisiannais and others are taking steps to safeguard their holdings.

First President Young and the Council have issued a statement requesting an investigation by the League of Nations into the allegations cited by the DFF as well as an appeal to the Nations of Alta California and Tejas to cease hostilities, with an offer to act as arbiter in a cease-fire council.

Marc le Noir, IBAP [DleF]