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IBAP, 27 March, 2003 (6 Germinal, CCXI)

Abondance, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Lousianne

After this most recent snow storm has ended, the people of Abondance are finally digging out. Snow tallies at the Mormon Conference Center reached and then surpassed 5 feet, but 50 miles to the north, where the heart of the storm passed, in Abondance, the total reached to almost nine feet.

This heavy, wet snow was compared by a visiting Alta Californien to the snow that is received in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which is fondly referred to as Sierra Cement. Road crews have been working around the clock to clear at least one lane on the county roads, and as of now almost all residents of the county should be able to leave their homes.

The heavy snow fortunately has not caused property damage, though melt water is a concern to local authorities throughout Nouvelle Cournouaille and much of the Mizouri watershed.

CFL reported today that it is now able to get freight through to the affected areas, which has been delayed since the start of the snow storm a week ago.

Marc Pelletier, IBAP, Nouvelle Cournouaille [DleF]